Five free mobile apps every IT professional needs

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Apple CEO Tim Cook recently proclaimed that he did 80 percent of his work on an iPad. While most IT professionals aren’t quite that far along in terms of mobile adoption, it’s clear that the landscape of IT is shifting toward mobile, even for some frontline IT tasks. Much of this shift has been facilitated by companies embracing bring your own device (BYOD) policies.

According to Gartner, half of all companies will require BYOD by 2017. Tablet adoption, in particular, is driving the BYOD movement in small and midsize businesses. A recent report from Dimensional Research found that 97 percent of companies surveyed believed that the anytime, anywhere access that BYOD enables would boost employee productivity.

A slew of new apps have stepped up to capitalize on the flood of smartphones and tablets in the hands of IT managers and administrators—aiming to make the day-to-day work of IT professionals easier and more flexible. Here are a few great apps that IT pros will find useful at the office, on the road and everywhere in between: 

  1. Spiceworks – Android & iOS

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Spiceworks aims to simplify everything IT. The mobile app syncs up to your desktop version (Windows only) and lets you manage your onsite network, inventory and software. You can also respond to troubleshooting tickets and maintain a knowledge base, all from one user-friendly dashboard. Access to the Spiceworks community—over one million IT pros and growing—is a bonus.  Learn more at Spiceworks.

  1. Rackspace Control Cloud– Android, iOS & Windows 8
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This app lets you remotely manage your Rackspace cloud infrastructure (servers, files and load balancers) from your phone or tablet. Check your system status, create, reboot, rename, resize and rebuild your cloud servers, manage backup schedules and more. With the tap of a finger, you can even call up a Rackspace Fanatical Support specialist 24x7x365. Learn more at Rackspace.

      3.  ConnectBot– Android


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 This app is popular among Linux systems administrators and for good reason. ConnectBot is a simple, open source SSH client for Android, providing Linux admins secure access to remote servers. It can manage simultaneous SSH sessions and create secure tunnels through which you can use a shell on a remote machine to transfer files back and forth to your phone. Learn more at Connectbot


4. InfraDog Server Mobile Admin iOS, Android, Blackberry


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InfraDog is an IT infrastructure management app with such a simple and intuitive UX design that it touts itself as, “a great app that doesn’t need a user manual.” If you’re in charge of IT at an office that relies on Windows and VMware products, you won’t find an app with a more robust set of management, monitoring and alert features for running servers and groups.  Learn more at Infradog.

        5. Pingdom– iOS, Android

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 Highly rated and easy-to-use, Pingdom is a monitoring tool that lets you keep tabs on the current status of servers and websites you choose to monitor. It’s a handy way to get critical alerts as push notifications straight to your phone, and to quickly resolve outages with their root-cause analysis feature. Learn more at Pingdom.

        BONUS: SysBull – Android


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On the lighter side of IT culture is SysBull, a System Administrator Excuse Generator that randomly generates excuses from a wide array of IT buzzwords. The app lets you quickly copy/paste and send excuses via SMS or email. With over 280 million combinations, it’s good for at least one laugh during a lengthy app migration. Learn more at the Google Play Store

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