Avoid typos: Disable the Caps Lock key

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Peter asked for a way to “remap the Caps Lock key so it does nothing.” He wants to avoid accidentally hitting that key and finding himself typing ALL CAPS.

You can go into the Windows Registry and change how Windows interprets the keyboard code, so that Caps Lock can do something else or nothing at all. That way, you won’t accidentally switch to all-caps.

But even by the standards of Registry editing, it’s a tough hack. So I’m supplying an easier fix.

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Simply download disable-caps-lock-key.zip, open it, and drag the folder inside to another location on your hard drive. That folder will contain four .reg files, each of which will alter the Registry in a different way. Giving credit where it’s due, I found this solution at AskVG.

Before you do anything else, just as a precaution, create a restore point: In the Start menu’s Search field, or in Windows 8’s Search charm, type restore point, and select Create a restore point. Click the Create button and follow the prompts. Don’t continue until the restore point has been created.

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Now, open up the folder (which, by the way, will be named “Disable Caps Lock Key”), and decide which file to run. The file names— “Change Caps Lock To Control,” “Disable Caps Lock,” and so on—are self-explanatory.

The first time you launch one of these files, you may be asked what program to load it into. Choose Registry Editor.

Any time you run one of these files, you’ll be asked multiple times if you really want to do this. You do.

The changes won’t take place immediately. You’ll need to reboot, or at least log off and back on, to see them.

If you don’t like the changes, run the file Restore Caps Lock.

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