Free game alert: Steal a no-cost copy of Payday: The Heist for today only

Payday: The Heist

You can get a copy of Payday: The Heist for free on Steam today, and you don't even have to steal it. From now until 10AM Pacific on Friday, Overkill Software is letting you waltz into the vault and leave with the game at zero cost.

It's part of Overkill's "Crimefest" promotion, which gave out rewards as more people joined the Payday 2 Steam group. The group reached its goal of 1.5 million members, so for 24 hours the original Payday is free to grab (and keep forever).

Payday, if you're unfamiliar, is a bit like a crime-themed Left 4 Dead in that four players work together to pull off heists. In other words, it's great that it's free because if you haven't played it you can con three friends into grabbing copies and play through the game together. With any luck, you can also find out which of your friends has an encyclopedic knowledge of Heat quotes and a terrible Al Pacino impression.

The sequel, Payday 2, is a richer game, especially after the past year of added content. Still, the original is worth picking up. And at this price, do you really have a reason to skip it?

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