Steam Halloween Sale will give your wallet a fright

Steam Halloween Sale

Boo! "Oh, it's just you, Steam Halloween Sale. You nearly gave me a heart attack!" That's right: If you noticed your wallet quaking with fear this morning it's because it's Steam Sale time once again. Dozens of games are up to 85 percent off on Steam from now until November 3rd.

It looks like this sale will be decidedly more low-key than Steam's typical Holiday/Summer Sale fare. There's no big front-page display, no meta-game to participate in, no Flash or Community Choice sales, and not even a clear indicator if some of these are Daily Deals or if these are static sale prices for the entire event.

Steam Halloween Sale

It's not nearly as pretty nor as involved as your average Steam Sale, but it'll do.

The sale also focuses on "spooky" games, though the interpretation of what's spooky is pretty loose—Spore, Road Redemption, Blackguards, and some other titles are hardly going to make you call in the exorcist.

Regardless, it's a decent sale if perhaps underwhelming to Steam veterans. Thinking of it as an appetizer before the Holiday Sale blitz should get you over any lingering feelings of disappointment.

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