Motorola announces a slew of new watchbands for the Moto 360, including lady-friendly options

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As a lady, I’ve been kind of distraught over the lack of choice out there when it comes to Android smartwatches. Everything seems to come in solid black or manly silver, and I’m finding it increasingly difficult to make these wrist-worn devices look stylish.

Motorola’s hoping to tackle that issue by vowing to offer more choice. The company announced a slew of new watchband options for Moto 360 users.


Moto’s new champagne Moto 360.

For those looking for a more premium look, Motorola is offering the Moto 360 with either a dark or light metal band for $300. Moto 360s with slim metal bands will be available around the holidays in light metal for $300, and a champagne gold finish for $30 more.

For those who already own a Moto 360 smartwatch, you can now order one of the interchangeable stone, black, or cognac leather bands along with the aforementioned light and dark metal ones.

Motorola has also partnered with DODOcase, which will soon sell stitched leather bands in four different colors, while TYLT will soon sell silicon bands for those interested in a more sporty look. After you upgrade the band, you can then choose a new watch face with an update hitting the Moto Connect app within the coming days.

Another app to count your steps

Of course, your smartwatch is meant to be more than just a watch; it’s helpful for tracking your daily activity, too. Motorola is introducing its own wellness application called Moto Body, which tracks your steps, distance, heart rate, and calories. It’ll then use all of this information to “keep you motivated,” because the Google Fit application and the numerous other applications you already use to stay energized aren’t motivating you enough.

The Moto Body app does appear more dynamic than some of the other fitness apps out there. It’s unclear if it plugs its data into Google Fit.

The story behind the story: Smartwatches are a nascent category of gadgets, but companies seem to have been spewing them out as quickly as they can to stay a part of the trend. It doesn’t feel like too many of them are effectively taking the time to refine their offerings and listen to what consumers want, however. Motorola’s Moto 360 may have its own list of kinks to work out, but at least the company is focusing its efforts on something other manufacturers aren’t: style.

By offering a spectrum of fashionable watchbands, Motorola will better attract the not-so-nerdy, but extremely stylish tech user. It may also be more successful in marketing its product to women, who up until now have sort of been an afterthought in this whole smartwatch game.

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