Mouse Box wants to stuff a full PC into a mouse


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Forget the PC on a stick; a new concept called Mouse Box could take the next logical step by stuffing everything into a mouse.

According to the Mouse Box website, the plan is to pack a standard-looking mouse with an ARM-based Cortex processor, 128 GB of flash storage, 802.11 b/g/n Wi-Fi, and dual USB 3.0 ports. The mouse would then output to a monitor via Micro-HDMI, and a wireless charging pad would double as the mouse pad, sending power to an optional battery. 

It all sounds pretty neat in theory, but should be considered vaporware until further notice. Mouse Box's site shows little more than a concept, with no working demos. There's no price or release date, and we don't even know what operating system the device will use. (Though given the ARM processor, it'd probably be an Android variant rather than Windows.)

The point of the Mouse Box site, then, appears to be just to get people interested in the concept in hopes of turning it into a real product. The team has set up an e-mail address for feedback and may be looking to partner with a larger company, but it's far from guaranteed that the Mouse Box will become a reality.

Why this matters: The truth is that stuffing a PC into a mouse probably isn't too practical in most cases. The need for a Micro-HDMI cable makes for a messier setup than a stick-based PC and Bluetooth mouse, and having to tote a charger around with you doesn't sound like a great experience either. Still, we admire the Mouse Box's wackiness, and hope someone figures out how to turn it into an actual product someday.

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