You can now get a sales pitch over Google Hangouts

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Derek Walter

If you have questions about a Chromebook or a Nexus phone, Google has answers. TechCrunch reports that Google is putting its Hangouts video conferencing tool to work in its product sales efforts.

According to the report, if you have any questions as you browse  smartphones, tablets, or Chromebook on Google Play, you can start a Hangout video chat with a Google Device Expert, who will then answer any queries that you might have. It sounds a little like a salesperson in a store, only over the Internet, and you don’t have to dismiss them if you don’t need help.

TechCrunch notes that this service is only for those looking to buy smartphones, tablets, and Chromebooks through Google; Device Experts can’t provide answers for Nest products. 

Why this matters: We’ve all seen those “chat with an expert” prompts on various online stores; Google’s Device Experts video chats seem to be the next logical step. (Of course, it’d be great to still have the text chat option—a boon to those of us who prefer writing our thoughts out to face-to-face interaction.)

Big plans ahead

Google isn’t stopping here, though: TechCrunch notes that the company is also planning to roll out a “virtual help desk” system at various retail outlets that’s based on the Device Experts chats. TechCrunch doesn’t specify where Google will roll out its virtual help desk, however, or when we’ll see it in stores, so we’ll have to wait and see.

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