This week in games: The Witcher goes iceskating, Uplay is finally useful, and more

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt

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Ice skating Witchers, game delays, and Johnny Cage—this is all the important gaming news for the week of March 9. Prepare for Titanfall (2).

Wayne Geralt-zky

In maybe the strangest news I've heard all year, CD Projekt Red designer Damien Monnier revealed at a PAX East panel last weekend that The Witcher 3 at one point had ice skating.

"It was more than an idea. It was actually a prototype. You were going to ice skate and fight," said Monnier. "You could slice heads and the blood goes on the ice and it's beautiful, and you're so fast as well. I really liked it."

So...yeah. Thanks to GameSpot for that one.


Also at PAX East, Cliff Bleszinski showed off the first footage of his new PC game, Project Bluestreak. Unfortunately it's looking less and less like the game has something to do with the only blue streak I know of, which is Sonic the Hedgehog.

Here's the footage:

Have you even seen Titanfall 2?

Titanfall celebrated its one-year anniversary by making all its DLC free this week, and by confirming that there is a sequel in the works. Studio head Vince Zampella confirmed to IGN that Titanfall 2 is in active development. Hopefully this one will retain an audience longer than the last.

For the Horde

Want to go to BlizzCon this year? Blizzard just announced tickets—how much they'll cost and when to get them.

Tickets will go on sale in two batches, one set at 7PM PST on April 15 and one at 10AM PST on April 18, and will cost $200. Stay tuned to Blizzard's Eventbrite ticketing page and...maybe I'll see you in Anaheim this November?

The needs of the many

Missing Leonard Nimoy? Well you can now officially head to the planet Vulcan in Elite: Dangerous, as well as "Leonard Nimoy Station." Appropriately, both are located in Federation space. Here's a full gallery of images.

Elite: Dangerous Vulcan

Now breaching

For the first time in your life, that Uplay account might come in handy. Ubisoft announced this week that it's holding a closed alpha for Rainbow Six Siege, a.k.a. my most anticipated game coming out of E3 last year.

PC-only, multiplayer-only, and you'll need that aforementioned Uplay account to be selected. If you're interested, you can head here to register for the chance to participate.

Project "Word That Rhymes With Cars But Means Delays"

As you could probably guess from that incredibly clever subhead, Project CARS was delayed again this week, this time to "mid-May." This marks the third time the game has been delayed, and they still haven't changed that damn name.

In case you don't know, Project CARS is actually a backronym for Community Assisted Racing Simulator. Ugh. I'm a reporter, so half my job is bad puns, and that still makes my skin crawl to read.

Press X to Delay Game

Also on the delay front we find Homefront: The Revolution, the game that was at one point owned by THQ and then being made by Crytek and now being made by Deep Silver's brand new Dambuster Studios because apparently that first Homefront game was a hot commodity.

I found our preview sort of interesting last year, but news that the game's been delayed to 2016 isn't exactly surprising in light of its troubled development.

All Wu-Tang

Harmonix has launched a page where you can request which songs you'd like to see in Rock Band 4, which means it's up to you to make sure Wu-Tang Clan gets the respect it deserves. Head to this webpage to make your submissions.

Here's Johnny

NetherRealm is showing off the opening bit of Mortal Kombat X's story mode, and Johnny Cage is back. You can check out the amazing, dumb, I'm-stuck-on-the-hype-train footage here:

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