CyberPower's insane three-pointed Trinity PC ditches 'prototype' for preorders

Gordon Mah Ung

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When we saw CyberPower’s Trinity gaming PC prototype at CES 2015 we thought it was one of the wildest computer designs we’d ever seen. Just look at the thing! Products so radical tend to wind up being vaporware, however. (Exhibit A: Razer's Project Christine.)

But CyberPower said the PC would go on sale within three months after its CES debut, and true to its word, Trinity is now available for pre-order with base prices between $955 and $1795 depending on the configuration.

CyberPower says pre-orders will ship after Tuesday, April 28. Current estimated ship dates we saw on Wednesday morning were targeting early May.

CyberPower_fang_trinity Gordon Mah Ung

CyberPower's Fang Trinity still fits powerful hardware inside despite its radical design.

Why this matters: Windows-based desktop PCs aren't known for innovative design, which is why it’s great to see such an interesting concept turn into an actual product. Instead of a boring PC tower accented with LEDs or exposing its innards, CyberPower opted for a visual design that looks like a cross between a nuclear hazard symbol and a throwing star. Not only is the Trinity interesting to look at, but it’s an honest-to-goodness desktop PC powerhouse.

Three parts, one PC

CyberPower’s crazy design isn’t just for novelty. The company says the three different sections (called blades) segregate components in order to dissipate heat and improve performance.

The storage blade is where the majority of the storage space is located, and it also houses the power supply. The CPU blade is where you’ll find the motherboard, RAM, processor, and cooler. Finally, the performance blade packs the graphics cards, though there’s also room for a few more SSDs if you want to increase storage.

CyberPower_Fang_Trinity_3 Gordon Mah Ung

A 500 watt Corsair PSU is in this prototype case but there's clearly room for more.

The Trinity has changed a little since we first took a look at it during CES, where it was called the Fang Trinity. The prototype we saw in January was packing a quad-core, 4GHz Intel Core i7-4790K and an Nvidia GeForce GTX 980 GPU.

The high-end, $1800 Trinity Extreme that CyberPower had on sale Wednesday morning came packing a six-core, 3.3GHz Core i7-5820K and a GTX 970—though you can upgrade to the GTX 980 for an extra $250-$290 depending on the model you choose. The high-end model also comes with 16GB RAM, a 240GB SSD plus a two terabyte hard drive, a DVDRW drive, and Windows 8.1.

You can check out the complete list of specs for all three base models (Trinity 100, 200, and Extreme) on CyberPower’s site.

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