Domino's 'tweet a pizza emoji, get a real pizza' isn't as stupid as it seems


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Next time you want a pizza and your smartwatch ordering button has run out of battery, Domino’s has come up with something almost as easy.

Starting May 20, Domino’s will let customers place an order by sending a pizza emoji to the @Dominos Twitter account. You’ll have to go to Domino’s website first for a one-time “Easy Order” setup, but after that the process is fully automated, The Verge reports.

On its face, it seems kind of stupid. Why not just use the Domino’s app or website, both of which let you quickly order your favorites and allow for greater customization? Is this basically just a PR stunt?

Perhaps, but if you always order the same thing, it might be nice not to junk up your phone with yet another app. You could also picture some interesting tie-ins with other apps and services such as IFTTT. Imagine, for instance, setting up a system that automatically orders a pizza on football Sundays, or one that rewards you with pizza when you exceed a certain level of fitness activity. You could even put a physical button in your house to order pizza on demand.

These aren’t life-changing applications, to be sure. They’re extremely specialized and maybe a bit silly. But if we look beyond pizza in particular, the idea of using Twitter to actually get things done isn’t so crazy.

It’s possible that the tweet-a-pizza concept could expand to a much wider range of commands, like requesting a roadside tow or making a restaurant reservation. Being able to quickly do these things from your phone without requiring a bunch of separate apps could be pretty powerful.

Just don’t let your phone get into the wrong hands, lest you end up with a stack of unwanted pizzas.

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