This week in games: Twitch bans AO games as Hot Pockets head to virtual reality

Hot Pockets VR

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Two weeks until E3, and here I am still playing The Witcher 3. Will it ever end? At this point, I'm starting to believe the answer is no.

I've taken some time away from Skellige to write up this week's gaming news though: Hot Pockets embraces virtual reality, Twitch goes family-friendly, Grand Theft Auto V gets a bit of Just Cause 2, and more.

Advent calendar

2K teased a new game this week! It's called Advent and it looks like this:

2K Advent

Or, well, the concept art looks like that. We'll undoubtedly hear new details at E3, though speculation has already started that it's a new X-COM. I'm still holding out hope in my heart of hearts that 2K somehow attained the rights to Advent Rising and we're finally going to get the long-awaited second and third parts of that trilogy.

Yeah, that'll never happen. I know. No need to rub it in.

Humble Relic Bundle

For the first time in a while I'm pretty impressed by one of this week's Humble Bundles. If you're a strategy game fan, you can pretty much pick up Relic's entire catalogue for a few bucks—meaning Company of Heroes, Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War, and Space Marine.

To Valhalla

This sure is a video game trailer.

More. Remasters.

Resident Evil HD must've done pretty well for Capcom, because the company announced earlier this week it's also remastering the GameCube-exclusive prequel Resident Evil Zero for release early next year.

Into the future

"The Witcher 3 is finally out! That means CD Projekt can finally start talking about Cyberpunk 2077!"

Not so fast. CD Projekt told Reuters this week it doesn't plan to discuss Cyberpunk for another couple of years, which is crazy considering the original teaser trailer is already two-and-a-half years old.

Morituri te salutant

What do you call a hunter who hates hunting?

I don't know, but you can find out for yourself with Evolve's latest update. Rather than forcing players to run back and forth across the map trying to find the monster, the new Arena Mode sticks the four hunters into a ring with a level-two monster and sees who comes out on top.

Interested? Arena Mode's available now, and it's free. Might be a nice change of pace if you're still playing Evolve. Trailer below:

Only love

Gearing up to stream Hatred next week? Well you'll have to do it somewhere other than Twitch—the company clarified in a blog post this week that games rated AO (Adults Only) are unwelcome on the big purple streaming giant. From the post:

"Previously, we made game-specific decisions about which games would and would not be available for broadcast – sometimes due to overtly sexual content, sometimes due to gratuitous violence. This is unsustainable and unclear, generating only further confusion among Twitch broadcasters. We would like to make this policy as transparent as possible."

Of course, Hatred only really has an AO rating because…I don't know. It was trying to prove a point, or something. Most PC-only indie titles don't even bother undergoing classification, so this policy change is more for show than anything else.

No companions

Ubisoft told Eurogamer this week that Assassin's Creed Syndicate won't be accompanied by any mobile companion apps. Maybe…Dare I say it? Maybe Ubisoft is learning?

Now if only it'd kill off Uplay.

Dah Reapahs

Let's admit it: Every game should be more like Just Cause 2. Especially Grand Theft Auto V. Thankfully, modders are on the case.

Lava in the center

Virtual reality's gone mainstream. So mainstream that it's now showing up in Hot Pockets commercials.

Now if Oculus could just make a movie on par with The Wizard:

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