Watch this insane gaming case transform from PC tower to mechanized showpiece


Asus is showing off a bunch of Republic of Gamers-certified equipment at Computex this week, but nothing compares to this absolutely insane case from In Win. The sixth generation H-Tower E-ATX chassis concept design has a completely mechanized function to open the case.

Hit a button and the enclosure pops away, allowing the internal chassis to rise and then tilt upwards for easy access to the components. The whole process takes just a few seconds to complete as you can see in the embedded video below (h/t to The Verge). A speedy Transformers-style move this is not, as you can see from the YouTube video further below, but it’s still a sweet little piece of engineering and the epitome of the long-running trend of outrageous design for PC gaming rigs.

Based on the specs on In Win’s site, the case offers eight PCI-E slots—because an extreme gaming rig needs an extreme number of graphics cards. It also offers three standard USB 3.0 ports annd one USB Type-C; works with liquid or air cooling options; and supports one 3.5-inch internal drive, plus four 2.5-inch drives.

The net weight of the case is a whopping 50 pounds, meaning you might want to set this thing on a marble pedestal. And, let’s be honest, if any case deserves to be treated like a museum piece it’s this one.

The impact on you at home: If you were looking for something a tad more outrageous than Dell’s Alienware Area-51 design or CyberPower’s Trinity, this is it. Short of building your own rolling R2-D2 case, the H-Tower takes PC gaming design to yet another extreme. The way In Win and Asus have the H-Tower dressed up at Computex—with all the under-the-hood chrome—the case looks like it belongs at a hot rod show rather than a tech expo.

Two versions

Although In Win is calling this a concept design, the company’s press release says it will be coming to market and The Verge reports that will happen this summer/early fall.

In Win says the H-Tower will come in a standard black variant, as well as the ROG-certified red and black. There is no word on pricing, but we’re guessing this puppy won't be cheap.

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