17 of the most insane PC mods and cases of 2015

This is not your father's minitower. It's an ecosphere, a snake's head, or simply an innovative cooling design. Feast your eyes and fantasize.

asus h frame 4
Anshel Sag

They came from Computex

For hardcore PC enthusiasts, the annual Computex trade show in Taipei is the one to watch. The home base of the companies that design and make most of the world’s components and cases, Computex is the place where every PC part maker tries to outdo the other—often by showcasing modded computers from around the world that use their components. For PC case vendors, it’s half fashion show, half smackdown.

Feast your eyes on these fanatastic cases and mods, at least some of which could be for sale someday. 

asus h frame 2
Anshel Sag

InWin's transformer case

InWin’s H-Frame transforming case opens and closes remotely. Strategically placed lasers check for obstructions so you don't close it on your cat. 

mod 9
Anshel Sag

MSI Ecosphere

This modded "ecosphere" in the MSI booth is a fully functional PC using an Intel Haswell processor.

mod 9 2
Anshel Sag

We're being trolled

Can you spot the guest character inside the Ecosphere?

mod 7a
Anshel Sag

I can drive that loader...

This homage to the Power Loader from the movie Aliens features a motherboard where Ripley would have been.

mod 10a
Anshel Sag

Snakes on a PC

This Haswell-E mod is called the Nocturnal Hunter. You can get a closer look if you just put your head inside the mouth.

mod 12
Anshel Sag

Ivory warrior

In Gigabyte’s booth, we found a tusked warrior riding on an elephant. Now that's attitude!

mod 11
Anshel Sag


This Haswell-powered mech was being piloted by some kind of rodent.

mod 3a
Anshel Sag

Mighty Mjölnir

It's true, only Thor himself can boot this PC. In a nod to practicality, two USB 3.0 ports are integrated into the hammer.

core p5 2
Anshel Sag

Don't throw rocks if you live in a glass house

Tempered glass seemed to be the material of choice in mods and many production cases this year.

mod 1
Anshel Sag

We threw it at the wall, it stuck

This wall-mounted PC amazingly puts two full-power GPUs on the same flat plane as the motherboard using flexible PCIe cables.

mod 4 3
Anshel Sag

Too Fast...

This modded Thermaltake case was inspired by the latest Fast and Furious flick. The base case was a ThermalTake Core X9. Look closely to find the Ford Mustang emblem.

mod 6
Anshel Sag

Off-road ready

We're still not sure how the modder put this six-wheeled rig together, but you can see a full-length GeForce GTX 980 and motherboard integrated into it. 

nighthawk 117
Anshel Sag

Rosewill Nighthawk 117

Newegg's housebrand Rosewill, showed off its upcoming NIghthawk 117 mid-tower case. The vents on top can be manually opened to aid cooling.

dk03 2

Lian Li DK-03

Lian Li’s desk PCs gets an update this year with the DK-03, which allows you to run one or two PCs inside of a compartment that you can pull out to work on. The expectation is that this case, like its predecessor, will sell for around $1,000 later this year

Anshel Sag

Lian Li PC08

Lian Li's O-series PC08 cube case features tempered glass for an elegant look.

raven x 2
Anshel Sag

Silverstone Raven X2

Silverstone showed off its upcoming Raven X, which orients the slots vertically to aid in exhausting heat from the GPUs.

raven z 6
Anshel Sag

Silverstone Raven Z

Silverstone also had the new Raven Z. This ultraslim mini-ITX case will come in two flavors, one with a nice handle for carrying around at LAN parties. It will likely sell at around the same $100 price point as the previous Raven Z model.

atlas 3
Anshel Sag

Why this Atlas is shrugging

BitFenix showed off its Atlas dual-zone case—again. The Atlas made the rounds at last year’s Computex but still hasn’t gone into production. Guess it wouldn’t be a fantasy if it were easily attainable.

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