This week in games: Our first look at Bard's Tale IV, Battleborn, Soma, and more

It must be E3 season.


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Computex. Fallout 4. Steam Machines. Steam refunds. It's been a crazy week, and we haven't even talked about Spike Lee directing NBA 2k16's campaign mode. Yet.

That, plus our first look at Bard's Tale IV, Soma, and Battleborn below—this is gaming news for the week of June 1, 2015.

Not your grandpa's Bard's Tale

The Kickstarter project for inXile's Bard's Tale IV went live this week and it's already pretty much funded. But there's still 35 days for you to kick in some money, if you want! And you might want, after seeing this trailer:

A taste of summer

Can't wait for the Steam Summer Sale? You can dip your toe in right now by heading to and indulging in a DRM-free feast of game discounts. Amazon too, for that matter.

High-res Wasteland

Sick of looking at Fallout 4's Boston through YouTube compression? Or just want some sweet Fallout 4 wallpaper? Following this week's reveal, Bethesda released a handful of 1080p screenshots for you to peruse.

Fallout 4
Fallout 4
Fallout 4

Look at all that color.

Bittersweet symphony

I don't really know what this game is, but the press release says "In Symphony Worlds, the user's music creates unique, living, breathing worlds that are overrun by a mysterious demonic foe," which makes it sound like some sort of Audiosurf-style game. And I am always down for another Audiosurf-style game.

Here's a quick teaser:

Prepare to die again

VG247 posted rumors this week that we'll see Dark Souls 3 at E3—and that original Dark Souls overseer Hidetaka Miyazaki would be returning to the series now that he's done with PS4-exclusive Bloodborne.

Here’s my own wildly speculative rumor: I'm going to guess Dark Souls 3 definitely exists, regardless of whether we see it during E3 or not.

Tried it once and they like it

Now that The Witcher 3 is out, Frictional's new game Soma is pretty much my most anticipated PC game. Meaning I'm not even going to watch this trailer. I'm just going to say "It's twelve minutes of gameplay and I'm sure it's probably pretty good."

Not the album by The Killers

Can a trailer be an "E3 Trailer" prior to E3? Gearbox sure thinks so, releasing this "E3 Trailer" for shooter/MOBA hybrid Battleborn earlier this week:

I'm loving the character silhouettes. And…did I just see a sentient mushroom dude?


Spike Lee is writing the MyCareer mode in NBA 2k16. Hopefully it's better than his adaptation of Oldboy.


More reading

Busy, busy week! Here are some of the crazy things that happened:

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