The best hidden deals lurking inside the Steam Summer Sale

We plumbed through Steam's steamiest jungles and driest deserts to come up with some of the Summer Sale's best bargains—away from the front page.


Build that backlog

Daily Deals not cutting it for you? Flash Sales robbing you blind? Sure, the front page is the easiest way to find deals during any Steam Sale—but it's not the only way. Pretty much everything in the store is on sale between now and June 21, and we've gone to the trouble of finding some more obscure deals for your perusal.

Point-and-clicks, RPGs, mountain simulators—we've got it all. And for cheap, too.


Daedalic bundles

If you're a point-and-click fan, there are a ton of Daedalic bundles worth looking at. The largest by far is the Armageddon bundle, which features eleven games for $16. However the Fairytale and Adventure bundles are just as worthy of your time.

Or you could just buy Journey of a Roach for less than a dollar. Not bad, Daedalic.


Developer Alliance Bundle

This one is a steal. With the Developer Alliance Bundle you can get four fantastic indie games for $0.75. Yes, you read that correctly. Seventy-five cents. Polarity is a Portal-like puzzler, while Beep, Camera Obscura , and Out There Somewhere are all puzzle-platformers.

I mean, come on. Seventy-five cents? That's less money than that guy wanted to charge Michael Douglas for a soda in Falling Down.

leagcy of kain

Legacy of Kain series

If you never played any of the Legacy of Kain games, this is your chance—you can buy all four for $5. Plus Square Enix is throwing in some bonuses for its MMO Nosgoth, if that's your thing.


Eidos Collection

What's even better than Legacy of Kain on its own? How about Legacy of Kain plus Just Cause 2, Tomb Raider, Deus Ex, Thief, and Hitman? And I don't just mean the new ones—I mean everything.

This Eidos bundle will run you $32, but it's one of the best publisher catalogs on Steam.


Lichdom: Battlemage

This one comes with a bit of a caveat: You can find it for cheaper on GOG.

If you're Steam-obsessed though, eight bucks to burn someone alive is still a pretty damn good deal. Or uh...freeze them to death. Or whatever. In fact, I find it quite a bit easier (given my mixed review of the game) to recommend at eight bucks than at full price.


Spiderweb Software

There's a myth (one I've perpetuated, to some extent) that isometric CRPGs died out between Planescape: Torment and last year's Divinity/Wasteland 2 resurgence.

It's not quite true. The whole time, Spiderweb Software kept cranking out some fantastic titles—from Avernum to Geneforge to Avadon. The graphics aren't amazing by any means, but the writing is damn good—and there's a lot of game here for $14. Like, hundreds of hours.


Hatoful Boyfriend

It's a pigeon dating sim. Like, you are a pigeon. What else do I need to say?



Mountain is not a “game,” in the strictest sense. It's more sit there and watch it. And things occasionally happen. Perfect to leave running on your second (or third) monitor.


Contraption Maker

Did you know the team behind the classic Incredible Machine games made a spiritual successor called Contraption Maker? And did you know you can buy it for just over a dollar at the moment?

Time to attach a rocket to a pulley and use it to get your credit card out of your pocket.


Cosmic DJ

Okay, so Cosmic DJ is dope. It's basically an elaborate disguise for a 4/4 sequencer, with a ton of silly synth pads programmed in, but the art...Oh lordy, the art.

If you like knock-off Muppets, corgis, pizza, or stories about “getting the band back together,” then do yourself a favor: Bump some cocaine*, spend $0.75, and start blasting Cosmic DJ until your neighbors learn to hate you. That's the power of music.

*Note: PCWorld does not actually endorse cocaine or recommend its use.



Eldritch is sort of like first-person Spelunky except you're spelunking through the caves of H.P. Lovecraft's nightmares. Oh, and there are fish-people. And it's on sale for under $2.



There are about eleventy-billion puzzle-platformers on Steam, but Rochard—the story of an astro-miner and his handy gravity gun—is one of the best. Provided you haven't picked this one up in a Humble Bundle already, it's well worth the $1.50 sale price.


Shadowrun Returns

Shadowrun Returns and its standalone expansion Dragonfall are both fantastic, and well worth the investment if you're a fan of engaging dialogue and turn-based ( XCOM-style) combat. This one might drop in price before the sale's over, so fair warning. However, $3 for one of the best isometric CRPGs in years seems like a more-than-fair price.


Bad Rats: The Rats' Revenge

Bad Rats is infamous for one reason: It's the game you give people you hate (or love in that way where you act like you hate them). It's awful. It is one of the worst games ever made.

It is nineteen cents, which means you can buy everyone you know a copy and become “that guy who bought everyone Bad Rats.”

Make the jump to a dollar and you can buy them Guise of the Wolf, for those moments when you really need to passive-aggressively say “I hate everything about your existence.”

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