Turn multi-page web articles into a single, scrolling page with this extension

Autopagerize is an add-on for Chrome and Firefox that automatically loads the next page as you scroll.

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This one’s for the anti-clickers. Despite fast Internet connections and zippy PCs, web designers still like to organize really long content into multiple pages. That can be for financial reasons (more clicks equals more ads thus more revenue) or just because the designer thinks it’s more manageable for the reader. Visual content in particular suits itself well to slideshows.

But the downside for the user is you have to constantly click through to the next page, whether it’s a Google search, or a lengthy news article. All that clicking can interrupt your concentration.

There are a whole bunch of add-ons that try to solve this problem. To save you a few clicks they automatically load multi-page content while you scroll. I’ve been trying out a bunch of these add-ons. Some work really well, some don’t work at all, and some seemed a little sketchy.


Autopagerize saves you a click on major sites like Google.

I’ve settled on one that I think you should try out: Autopagerize. This add-on is available for both Chrome and Firefox and works very well on many major sites.

Unfortunately, it doesn't work on PCWorld, but it will work on more general sites like Amazon and Google. The add-on is pretty simple. You just install it and it starts doing its thing. If it works with a site you’ll find out pretty quickly. Just sit where you’d normally click to the next page, wait a few seconds, and if the next page shows up then you’re good to go.

The downside to this add-on—and this appears to be a trend for this category of app—is that it hasn’t been updated in a while. The most recent versions of Autopagerize are from late 2014. So don’t expect rapid improvements to the number of sites this extension works with or a full set of customization options.

Still, it’s an add-on worth having for those sites it was designed for.

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