Intel Core i7-5775C review: The unwanted desktop Broadwell has one neat trick

This chip arrived already obsolete, but benchmarks comparing it to Haswell and AMD Godavari show its true colors.

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There’s no way to talk about the Broadwell socketed chip without talking about what’s coming: Skylake. Intel’s next desktop chip is rumored to be dropping soon, and Skylake is the rightful successor to Haswell. So why even waste time with Broadwell?

Broadwell CBroadwell C Gordon Mah Ung

Broadwell is destined  to live deep in the shadows of Intel’s upcoming Skylake CPU.

After all of my testing, I think that conclusion is probably the right one. If Broadwell in a socket had been introduced six months ago, it might have had a fighting chance. But now? No.

If Skylake does appear soon and if it does introduce a new socket with it, no one in their right mind would build or buy a new system using a Broadwell chip.

Even the strongest argument for Broadwell in a socket is very niche. In general use, it’s actually slower than the cheaper Haswell chip.

Broadwell’s strongest point is actually as an integrated graphics chip. With its embedded DRAM it smokes all other integrated graphics you can buy today by a huge margin. It’s actually capable of playing some games at 1920x1080 at the magical 60+ fps frame rate at lowered image quality settings, which is amazing for integrated graphics.

But who spends $366 on a CPU to play games without a graphics card? As good as the Core i7-5775C is for an integrated graphics chip, a $150 GPU would run circles around it. Take that $150 GPU and pair it with a $200 Core i5, and you’d get better gaming results.

You may certainly make some arguments that its best use would be in a space-constrained mini system or All-in-One PC but that’s the perfect place for a soldered version of the chip, not a socketed version.

That’s also just like Intel originally planned.

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