AMD Radeon R9 Fury X Benchmarks

Radeon R9 Fury X benchmarks

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I also tested the systems using three synthetic, but well-respected benchmarking tools: 3DMark’s Fire Strike and Fire Strike Ultra, as well as Unigine’s Valley. As AMD promised, the Fury X comes out ahead of the reference GTX 980 Ti in Fire Strike and Fire Strike Ultra, beating even the EVGA variant at the former, perhaps due to HBM’s speed—though the tables are turned in the Valley results.

unigine valley fury x
3dmark fire strike fury x
3dmark fire strike ultra fury x

To test power and thermal information, I run the grueling Furmark benchmark for 15 minutes, taking temperature information at the end using Furmark’s built-in tool and double-checking it with SpeedFan. Power is measured on a whole-system basis, instead of the GPU alone, by plugging the PC into a Watts Up meter rather than the wall socket.

power use fury x

As you can see, the Fury X may technically need only 275W for what AMD calls “typical gaming scenarios” but it draws much, much more under Furmark’s worst-case scenario—nearly as much as two GTX 980s (not Tis) in SLI. It drew even more power than the dual-GPU Radeon 295x2.

gpu temp fury x

On the positive side, the Fury X runs extremely cool, hitting 56 degrees Celsius max after several hours of overclocking. 

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