This week in PC games: Gamescom deluge cures the summer gaming drought

Missing Pieces: The Gamescom 2015 Edition


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Congratulations, Gamescom, you put on a damn fine imitation of E3 this year. Game announcements, game trailers, trailers for trailers—it's been a crazy week. Still not quite as crazy as E3, perhaps, but it's definitely been a welcome break from the vast stretch of nothing-at-all which is the games industry during the summer.

And despite covering the major PC announcements this week (World of Warcraft, Stellaris, Corsair, et cetera) there's still quite a bit that slipped by. From air races to Motörhead to moon wizards, here's your gaming news recap for the week of August 3 through 7.

Where eagles dare

Slightly Mad Studios is spinning about a hundred plates at this point, considering the studio is ostensibly fixing OG Project CARS, already working on Project CARS 2, and now…airplanes?

One thing's for sure: Slightly Made Studios needs to work on its titles. "Red Bull Air Race – The Game"? That's almost as bad as Project CARS.

Zerg rush

StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void is officially confirmed (per an earnings call) to launch by the end of 2015—a slightly more concrete date than the previous "this winter."

Born on the Bayou

Mafia III was officially unveiled this week, following last week's teaser image. It's set in 1960's New Orleans and…well, why not just watch the trailer?


Crytek and Deep Silver might've parted ways last year, but Homefront: The Revolution still exists. And it got a grim new trailer this week. Not quite "Press X to hide in mass grave" dark, but…pretty close.

Fear of the dark

The first Cities: Skylines expansion was revealed at Gamescom this week. Titled After Dark, the expansion (predictably) adds a day/night cycle to the game…for free. All users will receive that bit of content, which causes cities to behave differently when the sun goes down.

Those who buy the expansion will get some extra goodies though, including prisons, bikes and bike paths, nightlife areas, beach specializations, taxis, and bus terminals. No release date or price yet.

The White August

Speaking of expansions to Paradox-published games, Pillars of Eternity: The White March Pt. I releases on August 25. Which is very soon indeed.

Eat the rich

Even crazier: Victor Vran (my favorite aRPG of late) is getting an expansion—and it's Motörhead-themed. And it looks nuts.

victor vran motorhead

From the announcement: "Traverse war-torn landscapes and cities, Wild-West-inspired landscapes and the Dark Ages Castle where the Queen of the Damned resides, all heavily inspired by and based on Motörhead`s history, lyrics and general attitude."

Fight with style

Someone at 2K/Gearbox/wherever deserves a raise for these Battleborn trailers. They are slick, and the music choices are on point.

What are the odds?

It's even more baffling that Star Wars Battlefront doesn't have space battles after watching EA's Gamescom press conference this week, where an all-new "Fighter Squadron" mode was revealed. It's dogfighting. X-Wing/TIE Fighter/A-Wing/et cetera dogfighting, but in-atmosphere because…I don't know. DICE didn't want to make space maps.

Anyway, it's a 20-player mode supplemented by 20 bots and is pretty much the only mode I want to play in Battlefront at the moment.

He paid his debts

Moon Wizard, we hardly knew ye. Bungie announced this week that it's replacing all of Peter Dinklage's voiceover work in Destiny with Nolan North when The Taken King expansion releases later this year. They did not, however, specify whether re-recording the dialogue also means fixing the inane script and general lack of story. One can hope.

Either way, we bid a fond farewell to Dinklage. Those wizards will always come from the moon in our hearts, buddy.

Magazines, right?

For a brief second, magazines managed to catapult themselves back into relevancy this week thanks to a TIME cover featuring brilliant Oculus inventor Palmer Luckey looking like…well, a lot of things, if the Internet Photoshop-machine is to be believed. It's cringeworthy.

Here's the original cover:


And here's all you need to know about what happened after:


[Note: Our primary image was also shamelessly stolen from Sean Pelletier.]

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