This week in games: Fallout 4 footage sneaks onto PornHub, Warcraft IV teased, and more

Missing Pieces: The post-Gamescom, pre-PAX drought.

Warcraft III: Frozen Throne

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This week, someone beat Dark Souls using only their voice. And here I am still trying to beat the game with a controller like some sort of chump. Here’s your gaming news for the week of August 10-14.

Beyond price

Need something to occupy your weekend? Like, your whole weekend? Civilization: Beyond Earth is free-to-play through Steam from now until Sunday—the full version of the game, no strings. And if you like it and want to keep playing, it’s also discounted to 50 percent off.

Check your Steam library to install and play.

Slowly rising

Or you could get your Alpha on this weekend instead. Rising Thunder, the new robot-on-robot, just-for-PC fighting game from Seth Killian and Co. entered open alpha this week, meaning anyone can head over to the site, register, and install.

Note: The game is definitely in alpha, meaning it is barely optimized. I had trouble getting the game to run smoothly on High settings on a 980 Ti, so be warned: You might have to dip the graphics more than usual to eke out a decent framerate.


Super Meat Boy/Binding of Isaac dev Edmund McMillen has a new game out next week, Fingered.

“A ‘whodunit’ hyperrealisic police sim where you must finger the guilty and clean up this darn city using the descriptions of the local busy bodies. But everyone’s perspective is different: one man’s fat is another man’s sexy! Send him to the chair!!!”

Yeah, it sounds strange. Almost as strange as the game’s trailer:


Blizzard’s dropping all sorts of hints this week. First SegmentNext spotted a Blizzard job listing for an art director “with a deep understanding of the Diablo franchise.” Another expansion? Diablo IV? Nothing at all? We’ll see.

And then StarCraft II: Legacy of the Void’s producer Tim Morten told IGN that a Warcraft IV is still a possibility once StarCraft II is wrapped up. Be still my heart.

Pornstars: Todd Howard

Last week Bethesda showed off some new Fallout 4 footage at Gamescom, but not to the Internet at large. And—as typically happens in these situations—the Internet didn’t like that. See also: The “leaked” Suicide Squad trailer at Comic-Con this year.

Well, the same thing happened with Fallout 4, with some enterprising soul recording a sub-potato quality video of the presentation. Just an utter garbage-quality video.

And one that Bethesda yanked from YouTube time and time again as new mirrors popped up. Meaning that for a few days, the best place to see the video was PornHub of all places—the video was rehosted and titled “Hidden camera shows audience teased by big butt man in tights live.” Here’s a screenshot, courtesy of Kotaku:

fallout4 pornhubpres Kotaku

The fun’s over though. Zenimax eventually got that version yanked too.

England’s downfall

I’m uh…I’m pretty excited for Hearts of Iron IV. Though I wish a solemn English chap would narrate everything I did while playing.

Even more Witcher-y

CD Projekt unveiled official mod tools for The Witcher 3 this week, along with a mod manager handled by Nexus Mods (a.k.a. the crew most people turn to for Elder Scrolls and Fallout mods too). CD Projekt also put out a kit of four sample mods as a crash course on how the tools work. And then this happens:

Witcher 3 mods

Prepare to lose your voice

Bearzly—the Twitch streamer that beat Dark Souls using the Rock Band guitar and the silly Donkey Kong bongo drums—is at it again. This time he beat Dark Souls using his voice.

From YouTube:

“Voice controls done using VoiceAttack ( to translate voice commands to keyboard presses. The delay on recognition is around 1.5 seconds, making this extremely hard.”

Here’s a video of him beating the Ornstein and Smough boss fight, which he says was responsible for 111 of the 485 deaths it took him to complete the game.

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