The easiest way to wirelessly get videos from your PC to your tablet

With a little set-up, BitTorrent Sync makes a handy way to transfer your video files to your tablet.

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We’ve already talked about how to access files from your PC on your mobile device using file explorer apps on Android. But if that approach felt like too much work, here’s a wireless way that’s even easier—and you won't need to muck around with USB keys or external hard drives.

The difference here is that we won’t be streaming the files; instead, we’ll have to download the files to our tablet first using BitTorrent Sync.

BitTorrent Sync

I love BitTorrent Sync. It’s easy to use, very effective at moving files between devices, and sharing large files with others. There are numerous use cases for Sync, some of which we’ve covered before.

To get started, download Sync for Windows and for your Android or iOS device if you don't have them already. Once that’s done, follow the instructions to link your devices. To make it easier, set-up Sync on your PC first and then move on to your mobile devices. That way when it comes time to link your mobile devices all you have to do is scan a QR code on your PC display.

Once that’s done, the key is to organize all your videos into a single folder. From there you can drill down into sub-folders if that’s what you need for better organization. For our purposes, we'll use the standard Windows “Videos” folder.


Adding a folder to Sync is as easy as a right-click.


Next, right-click the Videos folder and select Share with BitTorrent Sync. Then in the window that opens select the Owner radio button under Permission and then close the window.

That’s it! Your folder is now added to Sync.

Open up Sync on your tablet and the folder should appear in the Sync list, but it will say Disconnected underneath. Tap the folder, choose Add on the next screen, and bam! You’ve got full access to the folder and all the files contained within.

Whenever you want a specific file just tap it and it will download to your device ready for viewing.

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