GOG Galaxy now lets you roll back busted PC game patches

It's the feature you never know you need until you really need it.

GOG Galaxy

The list of reasons to try GOG Galaxy, the fledgling Steam-like client from GOG.com, gets ever-so-slightly longer today with an update that (ironically) adds a feature to uninstall updates.

Have you ever installed the latest patch for a game and realized it broke some mods you used? Did the developer nerf your favorite weapon? Or did you download a patch for a game and now the community says it’s eating save files? With GOG Galaxy’s new Rollback feature you can return to a previous version until everything gets worked out. Or never install the patch again, if you feel like it.

It’s not a feature you’re likely to use often. Ninety-nine times out of a hundred patches are wonderful bits of magic that make games work better. But when a disaster does happen you’ll be glad the option exists. “We know that patches can occasionally break a game or affect your mods. We’re giving our users more control over their games and patches,” said GOG’s Piotr Karwowski.

Rollback is part of GOG Galaxy’s larger 1.1 update today, which also includes “improvements to the friend system (making it easier to find and invite friends), pausing & resuming downloads, extended pre-installation options with more ways to configure your games, and an improved app UI and navigation.” Oh, and the catch-all “The entire client will now be more resource-friendly while also becoming faster.”

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