Valve bundles free copy of Rocket League with Steam Machine preorders

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Rocket League

If you’re part of the presumably large Venn Diagram overlap of “People who would love Rocket League” (a.k.a. everyone on the planet) and “People who love Steam Machines” (the jury is out) then Valve has a deal for you: A free copy of Rocket League for anyone who preorders or has preordered either Steam Link, a Steam Controller, or a Steam Machine.

Haven’t played Rocket League yet? It’s pretty much like soccer, except played by rocket-powered cars. And sure, it’s easy as an American to write off everything soccer-related—but don’t. Rocket League is the breakout hit of the summer, largely thanks to the fact PlayStation Plus members got it for free. And the fact it’s awesome.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. You can hear it from Valve’s own DJ Powers (via press release) instead:

“User reviews, sales of Rocket League on Steam, and its surging rise among eSports enthusiasts make it clear that the game is an absolute sensation. In addition to being tremendously fun, our testing shows it plays brilliantly with the Steam Controller. So it was a natural decision for us to work with Psyonix and offer it to gamers free of charge when they pre-order a Steam Hardware device.”

As part of the announcement, Valve said Rocket League will be ported to SteamOS so it runs natively on Valve hardware later this year, expanding the number of big-name Linux games even further. And those who already own Rocket League? You’ll still receive a second giftable copy to pass on to a friend. Here's a rundown of every single Steam Machine that will be available when SteamOS launches in November.

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