Witness: The Mad Max game runs well on PCs

The PC version of Mad Max is all shiny and chrome, optimized to Gastown and back.

mad max

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With the burning wreckage of both Mortal Kombat X and Batman: Arkham Knight’s PC ports still pumping smoke into the skies, I’d started to wonder whether WB had it in them to release a competent PC game again. And with Mad Max review codes delayed until launch day, I’d pretty much written it off as another disaster.

Not so! I haven’t ran through a huge chunk of Mad Max yet, but from what little I’ve played it appears to be both stunningly competent and well-optimized. I’ve been at PAX so I don’t have a decent desktop rig nearby to test it on, but I managed to eke out a solid 45+ frames per second at High settings even on the old Blade Pro’s GTX 860M.

Steam reviews seem to concur, with reports of 60+ frames per second at Ultra on a 660 Ti and 100+ frames per second (presumably on Ultra) on a 980/980 Ti. And I’m not seeing widespread reports of problems with AMD hardware, so hopefully that means Team Red is on par with Nvidia for this launch.

Now, whether the game itself is any good? I don’t know. What I’ve played so far feels like a pretty standard open-world game with a Mad Max twist which is…well, pretty much exactly what I expected. But we’ll have a more comprehensive review as soon as we’re able, if you want to hold off.

Either way, props to Avalanche for putting out a PC game that actually works as advertised on launch day, and doing it under the WB umbrella no less. Hopefully this bodes well for Just Cause 3’s December launch also.

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