Quad-channel RAM vs. dual-channel RAM: The shocking truth about their performance

Stop arguing. Benchmarks don't lie. We tested both kinds of RAM in the same PC. Check our charts to find out more.

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Tomb Raider

For the final set of tests, I fired up a few games that aren’t on the cutting-edge of graphics. The idea is to use older games that would not be bottlenecked by the GeForce GTX 970 in my testbed. It's a good card and a hell of a deal, but it’s no Titan X. To remove any graphics bottleneck, I also ran the games at a fairly low resolution of 1920x1080, and picked lower image quality settings.

The result? Yup. You guessed it: No diff. Not at ultimate or high. Just squint your eyes and pretend the results are for both.

memory bandwidth tombraider 19x10 high

Running Tomb Raider with the system set to either quad-channel seems to make no difference either.

BioShock Infinite

And yes, BioShock Infinite didn’t care either, even when pushing 200 fps. Like Tomb Raider, I actually ran the test at high and medium settings but decided not to waste bandwidth since it didn’t matter.

memory bandwidth bioshock infinite medium

BioShock Infinite at medium settings also shows very little performance improvement.

Dirt Showdown

And yes, more of the same in Dirt Showdown. There’s no reason to show you the three other settings I ran, because they’re all just the same. Read on for my conclusion.

memory bandwidth dirt show down ultra low

Dirt Showdown also shows it’s a yawner

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