This week in games: Rainbow Six Siege beta is here, and so is Bigfoot (in GTA V)

Plus: Dragon Age Inquisition goes Game of the Year edition, Fallout teaches endurance, and Hitman gets delayed. This is the gaming news for the week of September 21 - 25.

Rainbow Six Siege

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I’m busy discovering the Future of Video Games™ at Oculus Connect 2015 this week, but there’s still plenty of news happening for the monitor-bound crowd. Fallout teaches you about endurance, Reddit finds sasquatch, Rainbow Six hits beta, and more—this is gaming news for the week of September 21-25.


Get those breaching charges ready—the closed beta for Rainbow Six Siege is running all this weekend. Those who’ve preordered the game or acquired access from any of a dozen other sources should receive an invite sometime soon (if they haven’t already), giving you a few days to play before the beta shuts down on Monday.

This is just the latest pre-release test run for Rainbow Six Siege, following an alpha a few months back. Hopefully the game is shaping up—the concept is solid, but a recent delay from October to December has me a bit worried.

Force tested

Star Wars Battlefront is also headed for a beta, though this is one everyone can take part in. EA announced this week that the Star Wars Battlefront beta will take place from October 8-12, with the PC version presumably accessible through Origin.

Carry that weight

I hate playing into Bethesda’s Fallout 4 marketing strategy but god damn, if everyone made trailers as silly and watchable as these pseudo-1950s propaganda cartoons, I’d watch commercials all day long.

A hundred Arkham-less nights

We’re now entering Day 94 of the Arkham Knight fiasco, which saw the game released on PC and then yanked due to innumerable technical issues. But Gotham’s long national nightmare is wrapping up—WB said this week that the much-improved PC version will become available again through Steam again in the “coming weeks.”

Dragon Aged

To the surprise of absolutely nobody, Dragon Age: Inquisition is headed for a Game of the Year edition re-release with all of the DLC included. If you’ve managed to wait (almost) a year, you can pick up the complete package starting October 6.

Going pro

If you’re looking to pick up Microsoft’s Xbox One Elite controller—$150 of luxury, with paddle controls on the rear and the ability to customize the sticks—you can do so on October 27. Maybe you’ll finally be able to buy the wireless Xbox One controller adapter for PC by then too.


Yet another game slipped out of 2015 and into early-2016 this week. Hitman, originally slated for a December launch, will now release in March of next year to give IO Interactive more time to create content for its latest “It’s not an episodic game but it kind of is” take on the bald assassin.

Sasquatch sighting

Back when Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas released, there was one persistent rumor that stuck around for years: That somewhere in the game, you could find Bigfoot. Some people say there are still lone explorers out there, waiting for the right combination of circumstances…

But in all seriousness, no. There probably is no Bigfoot in San Andreas. Grand Theft Auto V, though? That’s a whole different beast. In addition to a sighting during one mid-game mission, Reddit’s now uncovered a way to play as Sasquatch. User rkRusty dug through the game’s files to solve the mystery, and the instructions are insanely specific—“Must be a Tuesday between 5:30 to 8:00 AM” for instance.

Here’s the result, courtesy of YouTube channel 2H2K:

More reading

We’ve covered a lot more gaming news in-depth this week, especially with Oculus Connect rocking and rolling in L.A.

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