Logitech's G410 Atlas Spectrum is a compact, tenkeyless RGB keyboard

Meet the G410 Atlas Spectrum.


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If you’ve been hankering for Logitech’s G910 Orion Spark keyboard but don’t want to lose two-thirds of your desk to the hulking behemoth, oh hey, there’s a new option. Next month Logitech’s releasing the new G410 Atlas Spectrum, either a tenkeyless variant of its RGB-enabled Orion Spark or, if you prefer, an RGB-enabled variant of its tenkeyless G310 Atlas Dawn.

The Atlas Spectrum doesn’t just lop off the G910’s numpad—it also ditches the macro keys and media controls, resulting in a much smaller footprint than its predecessor. The scalloped keycaps are also gone, which is a blessing for anyone who hopes to use the keyboard for both gaming and typing.

On the other hand, the Atlas Spectrum is still obviously intended for gaming first, featuring the same Romer-G keys as the Orion Spark. I can’t say I’m personally a fan —to me the keys feel a bit mushy, like a Cherry MX switch with a dampening O-ring underneath. They lack the satisfying clack I look for in a mechanical. Some seem to like them, though. And I will admit the Romer-G’s design makes for the most evenly backlit RGB keyboard on the market—far better than anything by Corsair or Razer.

Logitech also sticks with the oddly gaming-centric wrist rest. For some reason both the G910 and G310 (and now G410) feature a heavy wrist rest on the left end of the keyboard that tapers off towards the right. This is perfect if you plan to always have your hands on WASD, but those who hope to type on the same keyboard (imagine that) will find the wrist rest more than a bit lacking.

Regardless, the Atlas Spectrum looks like a decent alternative for those hoping to save some desk real estate—and some money, too. After launching the G910 for a whopping $180, the G410 comes in at a much more reasonable $130. Look for it sometime in October, and look for a more extensive G410 Atlas Spectrum review from us later.

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