Must-see PC: Feast your eyes on ThermalTake's Core P5 open-frame case

Your PC could be a work machine or a work of art.

10 1 2015 4 27 18 pm

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What is art? Some might say Picasso or Renoir. And others might say ThermalTake’s new Core P5 case, which is designed to be so beautiful when built that you can mount it on your wall.

Yes, mount your PC to the wall so you and friends can admire it while cradling brandy snifters and talk about your day the yacht races. For those who can’t appreciate the PC as modern art, the Core P5 also supports a standard tower mode and desktop mode.

As an open-air case, the Core P5 has minimal filtration. A large, transparent sheet of plastic covers just one side. There are your PC components, laid bare for the world to see, like your soul. It could get dusty, but that's what servants are for, after all.

pic4 ThermalTake

Don’t touch it. Don’t think about it. Just stand back and appreciate it. That’s what art is. Oh, that and an 8-core CPU and liquid cooled GPUs.

For hardware, the Core P5 supports a up to a full ATX motherboard and PSU, but the graphics department is little unclear to me. If you look at the image below, you can see the mounts for the graphics are rotated 90 degrees from where the motherboard is mounted. To install a GPU, you have a use a flexible PCIe extension cable. ThermalTake says it’s “built-in” but doesn’t say how many extension cables you get. An image of a built-up PC using the case shows just one GPU in place.

For storage there’s room for up to four drives, two 2.5-inch and two 3.5-inch. Obviously there’s room for liquid cooling, which would be a tragedy against mankind if it weren’t used in a case like this.

10 1 2015 4 29 37 pm ThermalTake

The Core P5 supports a standard tower mode if you don’t have the confidence to display your art to the world.

Pricing of the Core P5 is expected to be $150, with availability timed for the middle of this month.

10 1 2015 4 26 27 pm ThermalTake

Obviously, the parts are not included with the $150 ThermalTake Core P5 case.

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