12 top Linux-o-lanterns and other open source-loving pumpkins

Tux the Penguin and friends geek up Halloween pumpkins.

Linux lantern

A glimpse at open source fandom depicted in Halloween pumpkin carvings.

hadoop pumpkin


The elephant logo for the open source big data handling framework (via Cloudera).

Linux lantern
Source: Matt Dunlop, via Flickr

A pumpkin chuckin Tux.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Masterpiece Pumpkins

Sorry, only Linus one we could find.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Storm2k, via Flickr

Is this a high point or low point in Tux's career?

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Halo969 via Flickr

Spooky Red Hat guy.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Scott Christiansen, via Flickr

Scott Christiansen writes that this old Pentium 2 200-MHz box ran Linux “very gracefully.”

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Missadroit via Flickr

Fire breathing pumpkin.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Geerlingguy via Flickr

Drupal Druplicon pumpkin

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Dead Zebra, Inc., via Flickr

Android has inspired many to pick up the knife and carve away.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Zhongyu365 via Flickr

It's tough to envision Android in anything other than lime green.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Danny Brown

Wordpress pumpkin.

Linux lantern
SOURCE: Ben Reubenstein

Linux can be dark and spooky to some opposed to open source.

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