Rock Band is coming to the Oculus Rift in 2016

World premiere: See Palmer Luckey in actual footwear.

rock band

“But Rock Band could never come to PC.” It’s an argument as old as the plastic instruments sitting in your closet. And apparently not true anymore, though it took a detour through virtual reality to make it (sort of) happen.

Thursday night at The Game Awards in Los Angeles, Oculus and Harmonix announced the Oculus Rift-exclusive Rock Band VR. Here’s the trailer, which features Palmer Luckey wearing actual footwear. Also, DragonForce.

From the video description:

“This brand new made-for-VR game inspired by the original Rock Band, from developer Harmonix, places you on a virtual stage living out the ultimate rock and roll fantasy, only for the Oculus Rift.”

It looks strange and maybe uncomfortable, but I’m nevertheless intrigued. And curious how it’ll actually work—are we expected to hook PlayStation 4 Rock Band guitars to the PC through BlueTooth? How big will the set list be? Is it guitar-only?

And most important: Does this pave the way for Rock Band proper to come to the PC in the future?

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