How to clear clutter and save ink when you print a webpage

Google's working on a new built-in option for Chrome to print only the important parts of a webpage. Here's how you can get that feature today in three of the major browsers.

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Google started working on a great new print option for Chrome early in November called “simplify page.” This feature will strip out all the superfluous items on a page that you really don’t need to print, like ads, logos, and menu options. The result is not only easier to read, but also saves on costly printer ink.

Sadly, simplify page isn’t ready for prime time yet and is only available in Chrome beta right now.

But you don’t have to wait a few months or weeks for the feature to show up in Chrome to stop wasting printer ink. Here’s how to print a simplified page on Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.


With Chrome cooking up its own print option, the best option right now is to use an extension such as Evernote Clearly. This extension creates a simplified reading page, which you can then print out.

The downside is that Clearly requires an Evernote account. If you don’t already use Evernote, you can choose other extensions such as Print Friendly & PDF.

Firefox and Edge


A simplified page from Edge ready to print.

Both of these browsers already have a built-in feature that allows you to view a simplified webpage before printing. Look up at the address bar of either browser and on the far right you’ll see a book icon.

Firefox calls this Reader View while Edge calls it Reading View. Whichever one you use, simply click the book icon, wait for the page to simplify, and then print it out.

That’s all there is to saving on ink while still getting a physical copy of the information you need.

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