Force Block protects you against Star Wars spoilers

The Force Awakens is here and the Internet is a minefield of spoilers. This Chrome extension helps keep you spoiler-free until you're ready to see the movie yourself.


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After more than a year of drone footage, teasers, and leaks, the Force finally awakens Friday with the seventh installment of the Star Wars franchise. But even the most ardent fans must schedule their first viewing of Star Wars: The Force Awakens around everyday life.

That means many of us, myself included, simply can't get to the theaters this Friday or even this weekend. That's a problem since the Internet is already rife with potential spoilers. Take an article recently published by The Guardian that talks about the new movie's plot holes and more. It shows that any site can bring down your carefully planned Star Wars information cocoon.

That's where a new Chrome extension called Force Block comes in. The new tool prevents you from seeing sites that could potentially spill the beans on the movie's plot or critical elements. As we all know, when it comes to spoilers you cannot unlearn what you have learned.

Using Force Block is easy. Just download the extension from the Chrome Web Store and start browsing as usual. If you come across a site that has potential spoilers a Star Wars-styled splash screen automatically appears warning you away with a cheeky clip from one of the movies.

"Hokey religions and ancient weapons are no match for spoilers, kid," one splash screen reads. Another stopped me from going further with, "Ironic, he could have saved others from spoilers... but not himself." Ten points deducted for quoting the prequels, but still.

If you'd rather enter the forbidden site just click the Continue anyway link, or unblock something permanently by selecting Don't block this page in the future.

Besides protecting you from the Dark Side of spoilers, Force Block is just plain fun to use and is also another way to get into the Star Wars spirit in case you tire of playing Google's Lightsaber Escape.

Just don't be too quick to wipe away Force Block's splash pages. Remember, once you head down the spoiler path, forever will it dominate your destiny.

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