HTC and Under Armour want to help you get healthy with the UA Healthbox

It’s a box with all the essential gadgets you’ll need to get fit, including a fitness band, a scale, and a strap-on heart-rate monitor.


Looking to get healthy this year? HTC and Under Armour have got you covered. The two companies just announced the Under Armour HealthBox at CES. It includes a trio of products you’ll need to get into shape, including a fitness band, a digital scale, and a strap-on heart rate monitor, all of which are manufactured by HTC.

You might be wondering, “Is that the same fitness band that HTC announced in 2015 at Mobile World Congress?” It is, in fact, a reprise of the failed HTC Grip. This is the new and improved version, however, complete with a 1.36-inch PMOLED display, Bluetooth connectivity, a 110mAh battery pack, and a motion G-sensor and Gyro sensor. The UA Band tracks steps, distance, resting heart rate, and sleep patterns, and it’s so much more comfortable to wear. 


The UA Band is technically HTC’s first wearable device to make it to market.

The Health Box also includes the Under Armour-branded Scale, a circular Bluetooth and Wi-Fi enabled scale that measures weight and body fat percentage, as well as a simple, strap-on heart rate monitor, both of which are manufactured by HTC.

The partnership is part of a bigger movement for both companies to diversify themselves beyond the products that they’re best known for. Under Armour hopes to leverage its acquisition of apps like MapMyFitness and MyFitnessPal, while HTC is desperately attempting to spread its business chops beyond its shaky smartphone ventures.

All three devices work interchangeably with the UA Record app, which measures nutrition, fitness, sleep, and daily activity. The app also works with other third-party fitness applications like Google Fit and FitBit.

The Under Armour HealthBox will be on sale January 22 for $400. You can also purchase the UA Band or UA Scale individually for $180 each, or the heart-rate monitor for $80.

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