A Batmobile, two drones and other sights from CES Day One

0104 ces vegas
Martyn Williams

A Batmobile, two drones and other sights from CES Day 1

It's time for the electronics industry to make its annual pilgrimage to the Nevada desert for the massive CES show. Thousands of great products, and a few questionable ones, will debut at the show. Here are a few picks from Monday.

150104 parrot disco 2
Martyn Williams

Parrot Disco drone is a party in the sky

Remember all those flying wing concept jets the US Air Force has shown off? Now there's a drone with the same aerodynamic design. The Parrot Disco will be out this year and can reach an impressive 80 kilometers per hour (50 miles per hour) and fly for up to 45 minutes. The camera on the front is similar to that in Parrot's Bebop 2 drone. Why did Parrot go this unusual route? "Because it's fun," the CEO said on Monday.

Withings Hot Spot Sensor
James Niccolai

A thermometer that finds your temporal artery

Withings claims its Hot Spot Sensor can measure your body temperature to within 0.2 degrees of accuracy using 16 infrared sensors built into a little handheld device. Slap it on your temple and the device identifies the warmest spot, which should be your temporal artery -- the most accurate place to measure body temperature, so we're told. It's a refreshingly simple tool -- Withings said it wanted to do one thing very well rather than try to perform a dozen tasks. It will cost $99 and should go on sale in Europe and the US in March pending regulatory approvals.

0104 faraday 1
Faraday Future/IDGNS

Faraday Future's FFZero1

Faraday Future's all-electric concept car, the FFZero1, is certainly eye catching. The unveiling was keenly awaited as the company had let slip almost nothing about its work for the last couple of years. So what did people think when they finally saw it? The similarity to the Batmobile was a common reaction. Others thought it was just plain fugly.

Emfit Sleep Tracker

A sleep tracker for athletes and the fitness-obsessed

Another health and fitness device from the Unveiled event. The Emfit Sleep Tracker is a bit of a misnomer because it does a lot more than tell you how much REM you've had in the night. Aimed at pro athletes or those just obsessed with their fitness, it also measures heart-rate variability, which shows how quickly you recover from exercise and whether your body's stressed from too many hours at the gym. It does all this with a long flat sensor that slips under the matress and detects the minutest compressions from each heart beats -- the only sensor that can measure heart rate variabiity without bodily contact, according to Emfit. It's on sale now for $299.

smarter fridge cam
James Niccolai

A fridge cam for the forgetful

At the store and not sure if you need to buy OJ? The Fridge Cam from Smarter might be for you. Its fish-eye lens snaps a pic of the contents of your fridge each time you close the door, and beams it to an app on your phone. Smarter also has a gadget called Detect that listens to sounds in the kitchen and alerts you when your toast has popped up or the washing machine has stops spinning. Due out in September, the Fridge Cam will be $130 and the Detector $100.

LifeFuels Smart Nutrition Bottle
James Niccolai

'Be the envy of the gym'

There were a LOT of health gadgets at CES Unveiled. This may be the one you need the least. The Smart Nutrition Bottle from LifeFuels has a series of pods at the top containing concentrates for nutritional drinks. Pick the vitamins, nutrients or proteins you want and the bottle dillutes and mixes them into a drink. The app keeps track of what you've consumed. "Be the envy of the gym," their website says. We're not so sure. $199 gets you the bottle and your first 10 drink pods.

0104 drone follow 2
Kyle Maack

Airdog drone will hunt you down

The Airdog action sports drone lets adventure-seekers focus on pulling off a sweet mountain bike run without having to worry about how they’re being filmed. The drone follows you around while you focus on the road ahead. We got to test it out in the Nevada desert — stay tuned Tuesday to find out how it went.

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