Hands-on with MSI's GS72 Stealth Pro, the gaming laptop you can control with your eyes

Gordon Mah Ung has his eyes wide open for this jaw-dropping hunk of gaming goodness.

ces16 pho 013 msilaptops

MSI’s gaming laptops are for the truly hardcore, and the new models shown at CES are no exception. Want to control Assassin’s Creed with your eyes? You can do that. Need an external dock that can support a best-in-class desktop graphics card, giving your gaming laptop true desktop gaming power? It’s right here, and thankfully more attractive than the dock's previous iteration.

MSI’s flagship laptops even have a mode to clue you in to where subtle surround-sound noises are coming from, which is great if your hearing isn’t the best—or you just want a tiny bit of an edge. Do a lot of streaming? Then you know how important showmanship can be. Add in a laugh track and suddenly your Twitch fans are laughing with you, not at you. Baby steps.

Check out the video above for a hands-on look at these beauties, and it might not be just the eye-tracking feature that will have you staring.

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