DeepSpar's RapidSpar is a pro tool to recover SSDs, HDDs with data loss

There is a subscription fee associated with it, however.

deepspar rapidspar

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There’s a special sort of sinking feeling that hits the pit of your stomach when you realize your drive has failed, and some (or all) of your data may be lost forever. Fortunately, DeepSpar’s RapidSpar may be able to help.

Mind you, RapidSpar is not a device that you’d likely buy for yourself; at $2,000, DeepSpar is hoping your local computer repair shop or IT department picks one up, as a value-added service that it could provide. 

RapidSpar steals a page from modern antivirus programs. Sure, a signature-based anti-malware program that refreshes itself once a day might provide solid anti-malware coverage, but connections to the cloud are becoming more common in order to provide a faster, more thorough response. Connect either an SSD or a hard drive to the RapidSpar, and the device’s local diagnostics do just part of the work.

Behind the scenes, the RapidSpar connects to the cloud. All of the diagnostic information that the device collects from your drive is sent upstream, where DeepSpar’s analytic software tries to diagnose the issue and come up with a solution. Serge Shirobokov, the company’s sales director, said that some drives may still require the services of a professional data recovery specialist, but that the RapidSpar could solve between 80 percent and 90 percent of typical data recovery problems.

Because the RapidSpar connects to the cloud, however, there is an ongoing subscription cost: The first year to access the RapidSpar cloud is free, but after that it’s $350 per year. Given that the RapidSpar and its cloud diagnostics go hand in hand, that’s an ongoing cost that a repair shop or IT department will have to factor in.

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