This week in games: Doom release date revealed, Shadowrun Hong Kong grows

Gaming news for February 1 - 5

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Our regular gaming wrap-up this week is packed with trailers. Hitman, DOOM, Far Cry, Mirror’s Edge, Unreal Engine—so much video content. It’s Friday. Who has time for reading, anyway? Here's the gaming news we didn't get to in our normal coverage this week.

Judgment day

DOOM's release date should’ve been obvious in retrospect: May 13. Which just so happens to be a Friday. Spooooky. Here’s a new look at the campaign:

Have faith

Not into stomping on demon faces? Maybe clambering over red pipes and leaping off rooftops is more your speed, in which case Mirror’s Edge Catalyst got a new trailer this week. And EA opened sign-ups for a closed beta.

Heading back to Hong Kong

When I reviewed Shadowrun: Hong Kong last summer I thought it had a few problems with pacing, with a lack of character interactions, and with aimless side missions. So the latest news could be great or disastrous—Shadowrun: Hong Kong is getting an Extended Edition, adding in five new hours of content. For reference, that means the game will be longer by about a third. Personally I hope it fleshes out some of the characters, many of whom are important until they’re suddenly...not. A lot of dropped plot threads in that game.

If you’re interested, the upgrade released today and is free to all current Shadowrun: Hong Kong owners.

Global economy

That new Hitman game is almost here (March) and there’s a new trailer. Prominently featured: Guns, maps, global conspiracies, a few clever references, and a lot of Helvetica. Not featured: Any game footage. Win some, lose some.

Build games in your games

Epic showed off a bit of cool Unreal 4 functionality this week: The ability to build games from inside virtual reality. The demo in question is running on the HTC Vive Pre hardware, though Epic says Oculus motion controls should work just as well. More details are due to be released during the Game Developer’s Conference in mid-March.

Mad scientist

I spent most of my holiday season playing Rocket League’s hockey variant, and 2016’s looking even better for people who want weird, experimental car-soccer. Psyonix just announced a new “Rocket Labs” mode, where they’ll stick half-finished, oddball maps (like one with two goals per team) for community testing. Presumably only the best maps will graduate to canonical Rocket League.

GameSpot’s got more, if you’re interested.


Those of you still playing Rainbow Six Siege will be happy to hear the first expansion was officially released this week. “Operation Black Ice” adds two new operators, Frost and Buck, which can be purchased with in-game credit same as any other operators (though if you didn’t buy the season pass you’ll need to wait until February 9 to unlock them). More importantly, Black Ice adds a new Yacht map for free, which should help freshen up the rotation a bit.


Ubisoft has fallen in love with this whole “live-action trailer” schtick lately, and it’s back in the form of a time-traveling spot for Far Cry Primal. Get nostalgic for World War II shooters and excited about prehistoric Far Cry in one fell swoop.

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