PCWorld Show Episode 5: More Apple-FBI debate, soaring smartwatch sales, and the new Nvidia-AMD love child

Jon, Gordon and Susie discuss the hottest tech topics of the week.

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This week Jon Phillips, Susie Ochs, and Gordon Mah Ung discuss whether Apple is really going to argue that software code is protected by the First Amendment.

10 PRINT "Because that would mean this is protected speech right?"

20 REM *****************************************************************

30 REM **** We also discuss something you won't believe  *******

40 REM **** is possible: Using a GeForce with a Radeon   ********

50 REM **** for gaming in DirectX 12 and Windows 10.      ********

60 REM *****************************************************************

70 GOTO 10

Also: What's the significance of smartwatches outselling Swiss watches, and does anyone really give a hoot about "always-on" smartphone screens?


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