This week in games: Blizzard updates 14-year-old Warcraft III, see System Shock's modern remake in action

Your must-know gaming news for the week of March 14 through 18.

warcraft iii

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My phone tells me I’ve walked 45 miles since Monday. Nothing like a little Game Developers Conference to build those leg muscles. This week we’ve talked SteamVR, Rock Band VR, VR VR, and...well, a lot of stuff.

But there’s still more we didn’t get around to. Like a Metro 2033 film! A glimpse of the System Shock remake! More of Doom’s extremely long marketing campaign! This is gaming news for the week of March 14 through 18.


Night Dive’s System Shock remake is coming along, apparently enough so that there’s a brand new “trailer” of sorts. There’s two minutes of pre-alpha footage below, and it certainly looks quite a bit more modern than the source material.


We’re not even a quarter of the way through 2016 and games are already announcing delays and falling into next year. Tacoma, Fullbright’s follow-up to Gone Home, was originally scheduled to release sometime in the late-summer/fall, but the team’s taking a few extra months to reticulate splines and et cetera, so don’t expect to sort through space mementos until spring 2017.

More fronts

Star Wars Battlefront launched with a dearth of content, but at least those who were willing to pay for the game’s expansions might eventually own a decently-sized game. The first step in that plan: The new “Outer Rim” DLC, which adds four new maps and two new heroes.

Pick a lane

I am bad at MOBAs, and part of why I’m bad at MOBAs is I have no idea what lanes are for. I just sort of...pick one. And then I die. So I’m thinking maybe it’s time for me to check out Heroes of the Storm, because Blizzard is adding a new single-lane (custom) map to the game, “Lost Cavern.” You can take your jungling and shove it.

Heroes of the Storm

Okay, now Warcraft 4

More Blizzard news. You may recall that last week Diablo II received its first update in five years. Now it’s Warcraft III’s turn—again, the first patch in five years. And again, it’s for reasons of “modern system compatibility.” Says Blizzard:

“It’s exciting to bring some additional support to another core Blizzard game, and we thank you for your encouragement and patience as we continue working behind the scenes on these types of updates. Please be aware that while we are working on a balance change and new map pool, that work is still in progress and is not part of this patch. We’ll have further details on that as development progresses.”

Work those shoulders

Crytek’s going all-in on VR—new CryEngine, new VR benchmark, new games. Per that last point, there’s a new trailer for the studio’s rock-climbing experience The Climb, this time in the Alps overlooking what I believe is Neuschwanstein Castle. Having played a demo at GDC this week, I can say it’s decidedly not for those who are afraid of heights and/or falling to their death. Or afraid of floating Rayman hands.

Like GRR Martin

The problem with episodic games is you never know when the story will end. We’re coming up on nine months since the first King’s Quest chapter released and Sierra’s finally pinned a date on the third: April 26. I think I’ll wait until all five are released—supposedly before the end of the year.

And maybe one of these days we’ll get to finish up Dreamfall Chapters too.

Complex release

You might recall that back in December, Epic re-released 2009’s Shadow Complex on the PC. For free!

...But only through the Epic Games Launcher. If you’re one of those “Steam Or Bust” people, you’ll be glad to hear Shadow Complex will eventually hit The House That Gabe Built—but it won’t arrive until May.

Gibs cleanup on aisle five

If, for whatever reason, you haven’t seen enough shiny blood-soaked floor tiles this week, then this Doom multiplayer map teaser has you covered (in blood).

Help, Artyom

Let’s close out this week as we close out so many weeks: With an update on Hollywood. Variety reports that a Metro 2033 film is now in production, though it’s technically based off the book and not the game. I mean, the game was also based off the book, so I guess they’re like parallel interpretations of the same source material or—whatever. There’s a guy named Artyom. He lives in the subways below Moscow. He kills future-Nazis (I assume).

I will pay to see this film. Once I’ve recovered from GDC.

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