PCWorld Show Episode 9: Apple's PC diss, Intel's tick-tock retirement, Microsoft's creepy AI

Gordon, Melissa and Jon discuss the topics that got PCWorld fired up this week (and two of them just couldn't resist trolling Apple).

pcw show epi 9

This week, Gordon Mah Ung, Melissa Riofrio, and Jon Phillips discuss:

  • Phil Schiller’s trolling of PC users at the latest Apple event
  • Intel’s decision to retire its “Tick-Tock” roadmap strategy
  • Microsoft’s creepy AI tweetbot, TayTweets, which answers tweets and DMs in the voice of a so-called millennial
  • Whether Apple will eventually win its legal battle with the FBI

Programming note: We shot this episode of the PCWorld Show one day before TayTweets was gamed by the Internet and started spewing bile, forcing Microsoft to shut down the account.


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