This week in games: Titanfall 2 teased, Ghostbusters revealed, and Dark Souls III goes retro

Gaming news for April 11 - 15

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April showers bring no game news. Yes, 2016 follows in the footsteps of its predecessors by giving us a few weeks breathing room between the big early-spring releases and the E3 blowout, making it perfect for trailers about smaller games like Stellaris, Sherlock Holmes, and...Titanfall 2?

That, plus Dark Souls III gets an eighties-themed alternate cover and Nosgoth gets the axe. This is gaming news for April 11 – 15.

You’ll live longer

Ultra-serious voice over. Goofy mech with an electrified sword. Yup, this is definitely a teaser for Titanfall 2. The game’s scheduled for, I guess, an “OFFICIAL OFFICIAL REVEAL” during EA’s totally-not-E3 press conference in June, but this semi-official reveal should hopefully tide you over.

Who you gonna call?

Activision’s making a new Ghostbusters game to tie in with the upcoming film, and boy does it have me nostalgic. Not for Ghostbusters. No, I’m feeling nostalgic for the era of crappy movie tie-in games, a phenomenon that feels (with THQ gone) like it’s largely passed us by.

Ghostbusters brings back fond memories of that subpar King Kong game, the disappointment that was “Every superhero movie game except Spider-Man 2,” E.T., all the Evil Dead games, and so many more.

Pale Blue Dots

We are mere weeks away from discovering faster-than-light travel and spreading out to conquer the galaxy. From our desk chairs. Paradox’s sci-fi grand strategy game Stellaris releases next month, and there’s a trailer, and wow I’m so damn excited about this game still.

Also still excited about the inevitable Star Trek mod.


Early Access claims another victim. This time it’s Nosgoth, which has been in open beta for over a year but failed to ever find a real audience. Square Enix is killing the servers, and thereby killing the game, on May 31. And while Nosgoth was decent fun, hopefully this paves the way for Square to greenlight an actual Legacy of Kain game? Maybe? (Via Videogamer)

Creepy Cavalier Watson

The first gameplay trailer for Sherlock Holmes: The Devil’s Daughter is here and it’s all-action-all-the-time, which is a funny way of showing off a game that’s primarily about noticing the dirt on some chap’s pant leg and examining forks to see if one is fake silver. But violence sells, I guess. Check out the trailer below, ahead of the game’s June 10 launch.

My first impression: If only I had facial hair as neatly groomed as Watson. Also, I miss the old “Nerdy Dad” Sherlock design. This new guy seems like he’d do a lot more cocaine.

Murder, she wrote

The developers at Frozenbyte have apparently been busy in the wake of last year’s semi-disastrous Trine 3 launch, hitting the ground with a new game called Shadwen. Looks as if you play an assassin who swings around like Spider-Man and stabs people a lot. That’s a bit of a departure from Trine but I’ll give it a shot.

A fool, no more

In the tradition of all great April Fools jokes, the “Dark Souls III as 80s horror film” joke from two weeks ago is now a reality...sort of. No, unfortunately we’re not getting a grindhouse feature film about the kingdom of Lothric. But you can download this sweet alternate cover art:


The downside: Not many people still buying physical PC games. Ah well, it’s the thought that counts.

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