This week in games: Free Rocket League, Hitman gets more offline-friendly

Gaming news, April 18 - 22

rocket league

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All you really need to know this week? Rocket League is free to play this weekend. Seriously, that’s the most important news.

Oh, okay. There’s more. Pornography is coming to Vegas hotels (surprise!), Guitar Hero almost became an MMO, and Remedy’s maybe-possibly working on another game already. This is gaming news for April 18 through 22.

League of Extraordinary Rocketmen

Maybe you’ve heard: Rocket League is amazing. Like, for my money the best sports game ever made. Better than NFL Blitz. Better than Backyard Baseball. Better than...well, anything. Skeptical? You can try it out yourself for free this weekend, via Steam.

Unfortunately the free period ends Sunday, which is right before the game adds its new Space Jam basketball mode. Michael Jordan aspirants are best off picking the game up for a 40 percent discount this weekend.


Bastion /Transistor dev Supergiant is back with its third game, Pyre, described as a “party-based role-playing game” about “a group of exiles whose own freedom is at stake.” It looks pretty.

Complex release

The remastered version of Shadow Complex was available for free through Epic’s own games launcher in December, but I imagine there are a fair number of Steam devotees out there who refuse to install another launcher even for free games.

Good news, in that case: Shadow Complex is coming to Steam on May 3.

Bad Catalyst

‘Tis the season of slipped release dates. The latest victim is Mirror’s Edge Catalyst, with an ultra-small two week delay. The game will now release June 7 instead of May 26, in order to give EA “a bit more time to perfect the game.”

Hopefully it’s time well spent.

Episodic blues

Bored with Paris? Hitman’s second episode is due to launch next week, April 26, taking you to coastal Sapienza. Here’s a trailer of what to expect:

More important is this short patch note: “If a player is playing in online mode and gets disconnected during gameplay, they will have the option to immediately reconnect and resume play without losing any progress, instead of returning to the main menu.”

Sure, I’d prefer a true offline mode for my singleplayer game, but at least this is one rung less annoying.


Wow, those Mafia III rumors were way off, eh? Instead of launching end of April as heard through the grapevine, 2K instead announced this week that we’ll be able to work our way through organized crime starting on October 7. And there’s a new trailer, while we’re at it:

Last Blood

Two years ago I played through this terrible Rambo rail-shooter and promptly forgot about it. Now there is DLC, two years later. I am baffled. Just...completely baffled.

Alan Woke

Quantum Break is less than a month old, but apparently Remedy’s already hard at work on another project. Gamer Center Online found some LinkedIn profiles (It’s always LinkedIn profiles) that show employees working on an “Unnamed Project” since last August.

Here’s me, still holding out hope for Alan Wake 2.

Hard bargain

VR porn keeps getting weirder. The latest advance: A B-tier headset, the AuraVisor, has partnered with VR Bangers to bring porn to Vegas hotel rooms. Like, literally. The video's even shot in a room designed to look like the hotel room you're staying in, and starts with the performer of your choice knocking on the door, then... well, you can take it from there.

The “experience” will only cost $20 which is surprisingly cheap—but I’m skeptical about putting one of those headsets on my face.

Through the Fire and Flames

Sometimes a game gets canceled and its an incredible loss. For years, people look back on what could have been, lamenting the seemingly inevitable circumstances that led to a promising game’s decline. I’m looking at you, Battlefront III-that-never-was.

And then sometimes a studio goes “Yeah, we would’ve made a Guitar Hero MMO” and you say a silent thanks to whatever god you believe in that such atrocities never came to pass. Thanks to YouTube’s Liam Robertson for unearthing this burning pile of bad ideas.

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