Here's a look inside Google I/O's playground for developers

Google turned the Shoreline Amphitheatre into wonderland.

Google I/O sign
Blair Hanley Frank

Here's a look inside Google I/O's playground for developers

Google held its massive I/O conference this week at the Shoreline Amphitheatre in Mountain View, California. It turned the concert venue into a giant playground for developers, with whacky exhibits and a chance to check out Google's latest products. Here's a look inside, starting with this massive I/O sign which greeted people as thery arrived.

Android statues
Blair Hanley Frank

Android everywhere

This trio stood on guard at the main entrance.

Android N statue
Blair Hanley Frank

There was even an Android N suggestion statue

Attendees were encouraged to write their suggestions for the name of the next version of Android on this statue, though some just used it for self-promotion.

Project Loon
Blair Hanley Frank

Google showed off its cutting-edge projects

Attendees got to walk around this massive Project Loon balloon, which normally floats at high altitude and beams internet signals down to the ground.

Google car
Blair Hanley Frank

Look at me, I'm cute!

Some people expected Google to use the outdoor venue as an opportunity to motor attendees around in a self-driving car, but the company just parked one near the stage for people to gawk at.

VW bus
Blair Hanley Frank

Art cars were out in force, too

This is Walter, the world’s largest Volkswagen bus. It’s not clear why it was at I/O, but it added to the zany atmosphere.

Painting robot
Blair Hanley Frank

Speaking of art, this robot did some Jackson Pollack-esque painting

A robotic arm stationed near the keynote stage danced along to a soundtrack and flung paint at a revolving cube. The resulting artwork was hung around Shoreline.

Code lab
Blair Hanley Frank

It wasn’t all fun and games

Developers had a chance to get personalized help from Google engineers with projects that they were working on. It’s one of the most useful parts of these conferences for app makers.

Big Idea Wall
Blair Hanley Frank

Bring me your big ideas

Developers could also network with one another using Google’s new Spaces app. A Big Idea Board let them connect with each another and discuss ideas they had floating around.

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