In pictures: The wild mods and awe-inspiring PCs Corsair brought to Computex

The company is showing its latest components at the Computex trade show in Taipei

James Niccolai

Check out the crazy modded gaming rigs Corsair brought to Computex

We stopped by Corsair’s suite at the Computex trade show this week to check out the gaming PCs built to show off its latest components. Pick a CPU, graphics card and motherboard, and Corsair has everything else you need to build out a custom, high performance rig. This system uses the Mirror's Edge Catalyst chassis, modelled after the game of the same name. Someone bolted an LED panel to the side just for the hell of it.

Mirror Edge
James Niccolai

Mirror's Edge

A look inside the Mirror's Edge. That black tubing is part of Corsair's standard, all-in-one liquid cooling system, which keeps the GeForce GTX 1080 at the bottom humming along. Corsair worked with MSI to create the Hydro GFX GeForce GTX 1080, with closed-loop liquid cooling for higher boost clock frequencies. The Hydro GFX launches in Q3; we couldn't immediately find out pricing.

carbide series 600c2
James Niccolai

Floating fans, baby

This beauty is built inside the Carbide Series 600C full-tower case. It has the new Corsair ML Pro cooling fans, which use magnetic levitation -- when they start spinning, the fans lift slightly and hover in space. That means almost no friction for higher performance and less noise. Mods here include custom liquid cooling with metal tubes and a chrome finish exterior. It was modded by “Metallic Acid” Justin Ohlsen.

carbide series 600c
James Niccolai

Those metal pipes though

A closer look inside the Carbide 600C. This system also has Corsair's Dominator Platinum Special Edition, one of two ranges of high performance DDR4 memory launching in Q3. The other range, Vengeance LED, will be Corsair's fastest memory ever, with Samsung ICs driving kits to 4,333MHz and beyond.

James Niccolai

Best in class

This custom build has a painted blue and orange chassis and won an award in Europe this year for best water-cooled CPU system. 

carbide clear 400c
James Niccolai

All clear

This is built inside the Carbide Clear 400C chassis, which has a fully windowed side panel and is on sale now for about $125. The cooling system is a custom design.

Corsair shark
James Niccolai

Swim for it

 We’re not sure what this is all about, but hey, why not wrap a shark around your PC.

James Niccolai

Really, 16.8 million?

The lights in the new ML Pro LED range of high performance fans are programmable and can display 16.8 million different colors, according to Corsair. Because, you know, 10 would be silly. These fans also use the mag-lev floating technology. They're due to ship in Q3.

James Niccolai


Corsair’s liquid-cooled Bulldog gaming system is 4K- and VR-ready, shown here with the HTC Vice paddles. You can plug it into your TV's HDMI port for big-screen gaming. The Bulldog DIY kit retails for $399, including the chassis, Hydro Series H5 SF Liquid CPU Cooler, 600-Watt power supply and a motherboard with Intel's Z170 chipset. If you don't want to build your own, prebuilt systems are due soon.

James Niccolai

Sit back

You can pair the Bulldog with the Lapdog, which aims to be the ultimate gaming keyboard with its 11” x 11” mouse pad and memory-foam base for extra comfort. It has a powered USB hub for your keyboard, mouse, headphones, game controllers and flash drive. There's a video of it here, and the basic frame starts at $120.

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