Removing Windows 10's default apps isn't easy, but CCleaner can help

The CCleaner third-party utility does what Microsoft won't do for you.

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Jay D asked about uninstalling apps that Microsoft includes with Windows 10. Some of them don’t have an option to uninstall.

For the most part, Windows 10 makes uninstalling very easy, but not consistently so. Some of Microsoft’s own built-in apps appear to be impossible to remove. The good news is that you can remove them. It’s just that Windows doesn’t clearly show you how to do it.

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But before you remove them, ask yourself how seriously you want them to be gone. These are small programs that don’t take up much storage space or CPU resources.

And you don’t have to remove them to get them out of your hair. All you have to do is hide them. In the Start menu, right-click the tile for an unwanted app and select Unpin from Start.

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Once that’s done, you won’t see them on the Start menu, and they won’t be using Internet resources to update news you probably don’t care about. You’ll have to open All Apps to find them.

Okay, I get it. You don’t want them hidden. You want them gone. After all, they are wasting something.

Some—such as News, Money, and Get Office—can be uninstalled the usual way. Just right-click the tile, select Uninstall, and then confirm your choice by selecting Uninstall again.

0725 uninstall

But that doesn’t work with all of them. Right-click on Films & TV, Groove Music, or People, and there’s no uninstall option.

For these, use Piriform’s CCleaner. The free version will do.

Once you have the program ready, select Tools > Uninstall. Then select the unwanted app and click Uninstall.

0725 ccleaner

One Windows 10 program you won’t find on CCleaner’s list is Edge. As near as I can tell, you can’t uninstall it. The best you can do is assign another browser as your default, and unpin it from your taskbar and Start menu. After that it won’t bother you.

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