This week in games: Dark Souls III player replaces all textures with a crab image, and more

This is gaming news for July 18 - 22.

It's a crab.

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You can tell we’re getting close to the fall, because each week this news roundup includes more and more trailers. But that’s just the fluff. I know you’re really here this week because someone replaced all the textures in Dark Souls III with an image of a crab. That’s the hard-hitting journalism you’ve come to expect, and here I am to deliver.

Also this week: Mafia III teaches us how to get dressed in the mornings, and Rick and Morty teases virtual reality. This is gaming news for July 18 – 22.

A hefty discount

I said last week that it’d been a while since a Humble Bundle impressed me. Well, now we’ve gotten pretty crazy bundles two weeks in a row, so I might have to revise that statement. This week it’s a 2K bundle, and the notable bit: Battleborn is included for $15. Guess Overwatch is really kicking that game’s ass.

Also you can grab Spec Ops: The Line and The Darkness 2 for a dollar. Not bad.

Gears, the Fourth

It still feels incredibly weird to write about Gears of War for a PC site, but that’s just the way of things in 2016. Microsoft’s bringing the game to Xbox One and Windows 10 in October, which makes this new campaign demo relevant to...well, us here at PCWorld. (Just try to ignore that ugly Xbox logo at bottom right.)

The patch

Overwatch got a big patch this week, the primary purpose of which was to bring new healer/sniper character Ana into the game proper. Also featured: Buffs to and Zenyatta, tweaks to some other characters, and changes to Competitive mode. Full patch notes here.

Valve time

Kentucky Route Zero Act IV released this week—more than two years after the previous episode. Yeah, I think I’ll wait to play the rest of this one when it’s done. Here’s a “trailer,” regardless:

Two weeks out

More No Man’s Sky this week. Combat (below) and trade.

Geneva convention

San Diego Comic Con is going on this week, which means basically nothing at all for most video games. But I guess...Call of Duty isn’t most video games? Not sure where I was going with that one, but here’s twelve minutes of Infinite Warfare—part of the game’s opening mission.

Manifest destiny

Some of you undoubtedly remember PC gaming’s darkest era—between...oh, let’s say 2003 – 2009. Ports were few and far between, and those that did arrive were nearly all disastrous (Grand Theft Auto IV).

The point is: If you never played the original Dead Rising because it was Xbox-only, you’ll soon be able to grab it on Steam. We already know Capcom's bringing back Frank West for Dead Rising 4, and this week we learned the original's coming to the PC, 10 years after its initial release. (Via Eurogamer)

Death suits you

Ah, another game joining in on the sorta-cheesy, live-action trailer craze. This time it’s Mafia III, with a trailer that mostly consists of “Watch a guy put his clothes on.” And then guns, of course.

Shout out to Mafia III for also choosing some consistently great songs for their ad spots.

They finally did it

Rick and Morty is coming to virtual reality, courtesy of the Job Simulator crew at Owlchemy. When? How substantial is it? Is it an expansion to Job Simulator? Is it even a game? A sandbox? A thought experiment? I don’t know. All we have is these thirteen seconds of footage.

Dark Souls got crabs

This is up there with one of the stupidest usages of mods I’ve ever seen: YouTuber Limit Breakers used iGP11 to replace every texture in Dark Souls III with a tiled image of a crab. And then Shrek, Nicolas Cage, and some other garbage. Original crabby video below.

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