AMD Radeon RX 470 review: A great graphics card with a terrible price

The Radeon RX 470 simply doesn't do enough to differentiate itself from the RX 480.

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Test 5: SteamVR

Time for some synthetic benchmarks! First up: the SteamVR performance test, which serves as the only major virtual reality standard until more benchmarking tools hit the streets. The SteamVR performance test is better thought of as a gauge for your graphics card’s relative virtual reality performance—and as a pass/fail test for determining whether your rig can handle VR whatsoever—than it is for making head-to-head GPU comparisons.

rx 470 steamvr

What black magic is this?! The XFX Radeon RX 470 actually just squeaks into the SteamVR performance test’s “VR capable” range with a 6.0 average fidelity score. XFX’s overclocks are enough to get the card over the hump. We still wouldn’t recommend using an RX 470 for virtual reality, but it’s nice to know you can in a pinch.

Test 6: 3DMark

We also tested the RX 470 and its rivals using 3DMark’s highly respected DX11 Fire Strike synthetic benchmark, which runs at 1080p, as well as its brand-new Time Spy benchmark, which tests DirectX 12 performance at 2560x1440 resolution.

Yeah, the 470 falls exactly where you’d expect it to based on the prior results

rx 470 fire strike
rx 470 time spy

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At a Glance
  • XFX's gorgeous, thoughtful customizations are great, and the Radeon RX 470's performance devastates its predecessors, but it's priced too close to the RX 480.

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