Sapphire Nitro RX 460 OC review: A classy, capable low-cost graphics card

But that fanciness comes at a price.

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Test 2: The Division

The Division, a third-person shooter/RPG that mixes elements of Destiny and Gears of War, kicks things off with Ubisoft’s new Snowdrop engine.

Unlike with the e-sports games, you’ll find that traditional games require dropping the graphics settings down to medium to come close to 60 fps rates. But that’s okay! We’re just trying to see how far you can push this card if you decide to expand beyond e-sports. If you’re fine with a console-esque 30 fps, you can even crank the detail settings to High in most modern games. No matter which route you choose, a FreeSync monitor can provide a drastic boost in smoothness onscreen.

nitro 460 the division

Here, you can start to see the benefits provided by the Sapphire Nitro’s higher overclock and focus on delivering rock-solid maximum speeds. The cheaper card actually delivers a couple more frames per second than XFX’s pricier version, though it still falls decently behind the GTX 950, especially as you ramp up the graphics detail settings.

In practice, you won’t really see the difference in frame rates between the XFX and Nitro models of the Radeon RX 460 in modern games. (E-sports are another story.) For that reason, we’ll be leaving commentary to a minimum alongside most of these tests, unless something special pops up.

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At a Glance
  • Sapphire's custom model delivers thoughtful touches you don't normally find in budget graphics cards, but 4GB versions of the Radeon RX 460 simply cost too much.


    • Thoughtful design
    • Overclock speed stays rock-solid during gameplay
    • Supports a wide-range of cutting-edge technologies


    • All Radeon Rx 460 models with 4GB of memory aren't priced compellingly
    • Rock-solid overclock requires slightly more power and heat.
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