Acer Liquid Jade Primo review: Acer bets big on a Windows phone as your next PC

Let's see how it compares to the tried-and-true Lumia 950.

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Finally, I didn’t like the fact that the Liquid Jade Primo glitched twice: once, when I tapped the screen to focus a video, the phone froze and only recorded four seconds or so of a 20-second video. The phone also crashed and rebooted when I tried to tap the screen to focus during a night shot, with the flash on. I’m not sure if that’s an issue with Microsoft’s OS or the phone itself. Either way, I wasn’t happy.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo daylight Mark Hachman

When the Liquid Jade Primo’s sensor doesn’t wash out the image, though, the colors come through well.

A decent first effort may not be good enough

Microsoft’s Windows 10 Mobile needs some sort of miracle to pull it back from the brink. As a larger, more expensive alternative to the Microsoft Lumia 950, the new Acer Liquid Jade Primo isn’t it.

Given that the Lumia 950 and Liquid Jade Primo are about equal in terms of performance, other factors become the tipping point: price, mainly. As long as Microsoft’s Lumia 950 remains on store shelves, it’s a better deal. Microsoft’s Lumia ships with a superior camera and display, an identical processor, and a dock to provide a Continuum experience. 

Windows phones are now the new BlackBerry: not the phones consumers want to carry, but the phones some businesses will require. Right now, it all boils down to just three devices:  the Lumia 950, the Liquid Jade Primo, and HP’s Elite x3. We expect to begin testing the Elite x3 shortly, which will finally answer the question of which is the best in the category.

Acer Liquid Jade Primo Mark Hachman

Acer has to hope that the Liquid Jade Primo becomes a must-have phone for businesses.

The larger question, however, is whether Windows phones will find their way. If Acer were to tweak a few features, the Liquid Jade Primo could be a successful, desirable, Windows phone. But does Acer have the time to make those changes before the clock runs out on Windows phones? I’m not sure it does.

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At a Glance
  • Some bugs and camera glitches mar an otherwise competent Windows phone that aspires to replace your PC.


    • Continuum dock experience works very well
    • Who would expect a keyboard and mouse to ship with a phone?
    • Large, lovely AMOLED display


    • Pricey, and you're paying for hardware you may already own
    • Camera flaws dampen consumer appeal
    • Windows 10 Mobile's ecosystem is barely alive
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