Google Photos 2.0 drops in new album sorting options

A few other changes make their way into the latest version, though we're still waiting to edit profile pictures like you can on iOS.

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A 2.0 update to Google Photos is here, and it promises to give you more control over organizing your albums.

It’s now pretty easy to move around the order of the images, add in comments, or delete pictures you don’t want thanks to some new tools. When you open an album and launch edit mode, you’ll notice an up and down arrow at the far right. Touching that will give you three options: oldest first, newest first, and recently added.

Additionally, you can drag and one or multiple photos into a different spot of the album. As before, the “Tt” icon will let you add text or you can touch the location pin to enter map information.

google photos 2.0 sorting

A new sorting option can make it quick and easy to put your album photos in order.

A couple of other small changes popped up. Selfies have been removed from the automatic list of suggested searches. Also, group similar faces has been renamed to Face grouping in the settings. 

Unfortunately we’re still waiting on the ability to edit the profile picture for each of the people you’ve identified in your gallery. This feature came to iOS in an update last week, along with a neat image stabilization trick for Live Photos. Yes, even sometimes Google’s own apps deliver features first to iOS.

You can wait for the 2.0 update to hit the Play Store, or grab it now from APK Mirror.

The impact on you: This is a handy update for putting images in order if you haphazardly threw together an album from your last vacation. The removal of selfies as an autosuggest option is a little unusual, and we’re still waiting on the ability to change up the profile pictures. But in all the development pace on Google Photos is pretty solid, and we still recommend it as the best option out there for organizing your Android pictures.

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